MAD//Fest meets DMEXCO @home – are you ready for this?

MAD//Fest will be enriching DMEXCO @home. Dan Brain, co-founder and Content & Marketing Director of the British festival, gives us a little taste of what we can expect from MAD//Fest x DMEXCO @home!

MAD//Fest will be enriching DMEXCO @home. In an interview, Dan Brain, co-founder of the British festival, gives us a taste of what we can expect.

What kind of energy are you bringing to DMEXCO @home?

We’re excited to team up with DMEXCO and bring a taste of MAD//Fest to this year’s show via the MAD//Fest channel. We’ve curated a distinctive and different program of content delivered by global and challenger brands. It’s a fast and furious 2-day agenda designed to provide ideas, inspiration and innovation on creating a better future for the marketing industry.

What should the participants be prepared for?

Humans have notoriously short attention spans so we’ve created an event format that’s designed for digital! Our speakers have just 3 minutes to put big ideas on the table, fix problems, and share new opportunities. It’ll be frenetic with around 10 ideas pitched per hour. It’ll be insightful as global brand marketers share their hopes for the future. It’ll be fun with loads of entertainment and competitions from the MAD//Fest studio in London!

3 reasons why every ticket holder should definitely come and see you.

  1. It’ll give you fresh thinking, fast – hear how 75+ top global brands and disruptors are adapting, prioritizing and changing the future of marketing.
  2. It’s distinctively different – our channel brings the MAD//Fest experience to the masses! Tuning in is the perfect way to get rapid-fire innovation and inspiration in 3-minute bursts from some of the world’s most talented marketers. All thriller, no filler!
  3. It’s about positive change – the MAD//Fest channel is the place to be if you want ideas on how we can address problems, realize new opportunities, and create a better future for our industry.