Intriguing master classes at DMEXCO @home

DMEXCO @home is just around the corner – and we’re going to tell you a bit more about some of the innovative conference formats that await you. Here, you can read about the master classes and sessions that WallDecaux, Adform, LoyJoy, Oracle, and Smartly.io have planned. These and all other sessions can also be found in the full version of the Conference Agenda.

In the Conference Agenda, you’ll find an overview of all the sessions and conference formats.

WallDecaux Premium Out of Home: Why OOH should be part of your programmatic strategy

Understand the benefits of programmatic technology in a broadcast channel and learn how OOH is playing a key role in omnichannel strategies with examples from leading brands such as Virgin Active, John Lewis, and Renault. Plus, be the first to see a preview of the findings from the latest research on what’s driving agencies and advertisers to think about programmatic OOH.

Adform: PAYBACK Programmatic – Offline transactions and online advertising join forces with 1st party data

Using transactional offline data for better online targeting sounds like a marketer’s dream come true. How about 31 million German users and their real shopping behavior to base a campaign on?
PAYBACK offers its partners and their suppliers a new, data-driven form of advertising, allowing them to address loyalty card users directly on external websites, building on the strongest data there is: deterministic 1st party data that does not rely on assumed interest or online clicks but is built on real shopping behavior.
PAYBACK Programmatic is a great example of how activating 1st party data is helping the online and offline world grow closer together. Watch out walled gardens!

LoyJoy GmbH: Conversational marketing at Beiersdorf: global rollout in 8 months with LoyJoy

90% of consumers regularly communicate in chats, making it the ideal channel for brands to establish ongoing dialogues with consumers. NIVEA uses chatbot technology to provide product advice, gather data, and increase direct engagement with consumers. The chat experience is personalized based on individual needs. In close collaboration with LoyJoy, a leading conversational marketing platform, Beiersdorf was able to roll this out to the most important countries in just eight months. Country managers chose standardized conversational experiences from skin tests, product finders and loyalty programs up to Christmas activation. Martin Böhm, CDO of Beiersdorf AG, provides insights into how this performance was achieved.

Oracle: Biking to success – creating a seamless omnichannel customer experience

Listen to the conversation between Thomas Spengler, Chief Customer Officer of the Internetstores Group, and Daniel Renggli, Director Marketing CX at Oracle, about how Europe’s leading digital specialist dealer is getting more people to bike and into nature than any other provider in Europe. With the company’s integrated multichannel strategy, it is active across 14 countries with 40 online shops, for example fahrrad.de, Bikester, Probikeshop, Campz, and Addnature.

Smartly.io: The anatomy of a perfect social ad

Find out why social advertising fits so well with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and how it has turned this into a scalable funnel for its global markets. What are the major impact points KLM has seen during COVID-19 and how has the airline changed its strategy? What is the perfect social ad and how is KLM getting ready for the future?

Adform: Exciting news coming from Adform’s COO at DMEXCO @home

Adform is excited and you should be too. You won’t want to miss this special announcement – it’s going to be big!