How do brands make the leap onto the Instagram Explore page?

In the world of social media marketing, getting onto the Instagram Explore page is the equivalent of striking gold. After all, appearing there makes it much easier to acquire new followers and increase your Instagram reach.

How brands can make the leap onto the Instagram Explore page
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Why is the Instagram Explore page important for companies?

Instagram turns ten this year. What began as a mobile app for sharing photos has grown into a visual platform with more than one billion active accounts worldwide. With around 15 million users in Germany, Instagram has become an important communication and marketing channel for companies. According to Instagram, which has been owned by Facebook since 2012, 90 percent of accounts follow a business on Instagram. And more than 200 million people click on a business profile each day. (Source:

200 million
people look at a business profile on Instagram each day.

Great way of boosting your Instagram reach

The Instagram Explore page inspires Instagram users to find new, interesting creators or brands that they are not yet following. By getting onto the Instagram Explore page, companies can generate more likes and engagement. It is then much easier for them to attract the attention of new followers and convince prospective customers of their products and services. In short, companies get the chance to connect with a wider audience and expand their Instagram reach.

How does Instagram Explore work?

Instagram automatically selects which photos, videos, products and stories appear on an Explore page. The algorithm is guided by information such as who the Instagram user follows and what posts they like: what do other people in their network view and what have they shown interest in before? The algorithm continuously learns from the user’s behavior in the app to create an individual Explore page. Users therefore see different content on their Explore page depending on what they view in the app and the posts they comment on.

Instagram Explore Page

How do you get onto the Instagram Explore page?

Instagram marketing experts agree: when users interact with your posts, you have more chance of your content appearing on the Explore page. Rebekah Carter, a marketing expert with Sprout Social, a provider of social media management solutions, advises building an authentic relationship with your followers, for example, so that they return to your feed again and again. She recommends precisely analyzing what your followers are looking for, who they follow and what content they post. Ultimately, she believes it’s about finding the right way to communicate with your audience.

In addition to offering good content, you also need to get the timing right. This view is shared by Hootsuite, a provider of a software suite for managing, planning and analyzing social media content. Hootsuite has the following tips and more for companies looking to make the leap onto the Instagram Explore page:

#1: Post when your followers are active

The Instagram algorithm prioritizes timeliness. A new post is shown to more of your followers. Ideally, they will engage with the post, thereby increasing the likelihood of your post making it onto the Explore page.

#2: Learn from the posts that you see on your Explore page

If you follow other companies in your industry, your Explore page should show you what the Instagram algorithm responds to. Find out what works for others by observing what the algorithm promotes on your Explore page.

#3: Analyze your posts

Pay attention to which content resonates with your followers. If they consistently respond to your posts, this level of engagement will help you to make it onto the big stage of the Explore page. Companies have access to tools such as Insights in their Instagram business account. These can be used for more precise analysis of individual posts, stories and promotions.

#4: Try long-form video for greater reach

Long-form videos on Instagram can be uploaded to IGTV. Videos shared on IGTV must be at least 60 seconds long. IGTV has its own button in the navigation bar at the top of the Explore page. Instagram is promoting IGTV, but long-form video has not yet gained a foothold there. Hootsuite believes that this gives companies a good opportunity to stand out with engaging and creative video content. Its tip: experiment with an IGTV strategy!

There is no guarantee that companies will get a spot on the Instagram Explore page. For Rebekah Carter from Sprout Social, the path to success is all about knowing how to share the right content, at the ideal time, to the perfect people.