DMEXCO report: how the digital economy is showing a clear attitude

What role does attitude play in the digital economy? Can a company’s attitude be compatible with its economic goals? And what are the major challenges being faced by the industry? Our new DMEXCO report gives you answers to these questions.

The latest DMEXCO Report provides answers to the question of why it is particularly important to adopt an attitude in the digital economy.

DMEXCO study on the topic of attitude provides an insight into the digital industry’s current understanding

#AttitudeMatters – The topic of attitude is playing an increasingly important role in the digital economy. The majority of companies have now recognized that they have a responsibility as an important part of society as a whole and can help solve social challenges by showing a clear attitude. In light of the coronavirus crisis, the #BlackLivesMatter movement, and #StopHateForProfit, the topic of attitude has recently taken on a whole new meaning. Questions exploring values, purpose, convictions, and responsibilities are not only shaping the current debate in society, but also the lively discussion in our industry.

In our first-ever DMEXCO report featuring an in-depth study on the topic of attitude, we present the highly informative results of a large-scale survey that we conducted within the German and international DMEXCO community in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis. We also explore what major challenges the digital industry is currently facing, what role attitude plays in companies and specifically in various business areas, and what difficulties may arise from active commitment and engagement.

Why attitude matters: DMEXCO report delivers exclusive industry insights

What does your company actually stand for and how do you demonstrate this? With our newly published DMEXCO study, we want to answer how an active attitude is being understood in the digital economy, examine its importance in practice, and pinpoint the areas where a greater transformation is needed.

Our DMEXCO report provides valuable input for the following questions:

  • Should companies in the digital industry show a clear attitude and can they also help solve social problems?
  • Do attitude and values play a role in companies today?
  • In what areas should companies take a stance?
  • Is there a way to return to business as usual in the digital economy after the crisis or will something have to change?
  • What areas will require a more substantial transformation in the future?
  • What companies can most afford to demonstrate their attitude?
  • Does the demand for values-based corporate management generally conflict with the profitability of a company?
  • Are there difficulties when it comes to translating attitudes within business sectors into specific measures?
  • Can attitude help companies get through the current COVID crisis better?

Interviews with experts shed light on the main challenges faced by the digital industry

Alongside the survey results, three interviews with experts – Dorothee Bär, German Minister of State for Digitalization, Eike Wenzel, head of ITZ (a German institute that researches trends and the future), and Claudia Hartwich, HR Director at Microsoft Deutschland – round off our DMEXCO report. In the interviews, they share their thoughts on the challenges of working digitally and doing business more sustainably and address the question of how companies can build a buffer for crises in the future.

We also provide some thought-provoking information in a short essay, so that we can continue the conversation in September. With this year’s DMEXCO @home, we have created an event platform where the topic of attitude in the digital economy takes center stage under the #AttitudeMatters motto. We are of the firm belief that we as a community must find solutions to the major challenges in both our industry and in society by showing a corporate attitude and in our business actions, and we look forward to discussing this together with you at this year’s DMEXCO @home.

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