“Attitude matters” is the motto of DMEXCO 2020

What does the digital economy stand for? For innovative technologies, social progress and the enrichment of everyday life. But also for discussions about privacy, data protection and debates about fake news and digital manipulation. Under the motto “Attitude matters,” DMEXCO 2020 invites you to a dialog on where and how the industry can and intends to show its attitude.

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“Attitude matters” is the central motto of DMEXCO 2020. With this, Europe’s leading event for digital marketing and technology invites industry decision-makers to engage in dialog about what demonstrating an attitude means for the digital economy in concrete terms. Because attitude is business-relevant: On the one hand, digital services shape and enrich everyday life in our society, and at the moment, the largest companies in the world in terms of market value are digital and technology firms. On the other hand, users, consumers and society expect a responsible level of voluntary commitment and reasonable regulation to protect the individual from excesses – when dealing with personal data, fake news or digital manipulation, for example, or when debating the limits of facial recognition.


“Actions and decision-making in the digital economy have a growing impact on our entire society. And that is precisely why it is time to ask: What do we stand for? What attitude do we have? These questions don’t have just one answer, of course. And because the leading experts convene here with us, we want to join with them in discussing how we define ‘attitude’ as an industry. How much attitude digital business and marketing actually need. Whether attitude is limited to those who can afford it. And, of course, what attitude gets us. For this dialog – which we as a society, but also as an industry, urgently need – we want to dedicate ourselves and offer digital service providers a platform for discussion. This is part of our attitude,” says Dr. Dominik Matyka, Chief Advisor of DMEXCO.


Matthias Wahl, President of the German Association for the Digital Economy [Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft (BVDW) e.V.], adds: “Digitalization is the central task we have to tackle in business and society. People expect companies in the digital economy to take a stance on social issues as well, such as sustainability or corporate digital responsibility. This is becoming increasingly business-relevant. As a trade and conceptual sponsor of DMEXCO and as an umbrella organization of the digital economy, we want to play an active role in shaping this discussion.”


Image material for DMEXCO is available online at https://go.dmexco.com/press-downloads-dmexco.




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Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft (BVDW) e.V. – with the special participation of the Circle of Online Marketers (OVK) – is the ideational and professional partner of DMEXCO and the owner of the DMEXCO brand. DMEXCO is organized by Koelnmesse.


DMEXCO 2020 will take place in Cologne on September 23 and 24, 2020. All information, along with photos, videos and the original sounds of DMEXCO 2019, can be found at https://dmexco.com, www.facebook.com/dmexco, www.twitter.com/dmexco and www.youtube.com/dmexcovideo.