Top sessions being held at the DMEXCO Worlds

4 worlds – countless highlights: we’ve compiled a list of top sessions being held at the DMEXCO Worlds.

These DMEXCO 2023 highlights should be on your radar.

The DMEXCO 2023 conference program spans more than 200 hours

Over 700 speakers across 4 worlds and 14 stages – on September 20 & 21, DMEXCO 2023 will once again be finally welcoming national and international digital players, experts, and visitors to Cologne. Embracing this year’s motto “Empowering Digital Creativity”, the red-hot topic of AI will play a major part in the conference highlights. What impact will AI have on digital creativity in the industry? What tasks are still in the hands of humans because AI can’t – or shouldn’t – undertake them? And how can artificial intelligence be used to not only efficiently process data, but also optimally secure it in the name of #DataProtection? Those are just some of the questions that will be explored at DMEXCO 2023, taking place in Cologne on September 20 & 21.

DMEXCO Worlds: real deep-dive areas and networking hotspots

This year, the digital industry’s key areas will each be given their very own world again. Covering the sector’s diverse range of topics, the World of Media, World of E-Commerce, World of Agencies, and World of Tech will give exhibitors four platforms to present the hottest trends and share their valuable and practical know-how and insights, while experts discuss the challenges and potential of the industry’s various segments.

To give you a taste of what’s to come and make sure you don’t miss any of the inspiring panels, lectures, or chats on the DMEXCO stages, we’ve put together a handy timetable for you. Download it for free now and save your DMEXCO highlights in the DMEXCO app!