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Ad budgets are being redistributed and Amazon is now also playing a major role in this market. The reason for this is quite simple: more than 50 percent of all product searches are now carried out first on the American retail giant’s platform. And those who advertise there can be found more easily. However, advertising is complex and requires a lot of background, expertise and good solutions. Anyone who wants to improve conversions and marketing efficiency is well advised to look around at the available solutions and prepare for future tasks.

Amazon is the newcomer among the advertising platforms. If you want to present your products to the right target groups at the right time, you need a good solution, because this can only be really efficient if you respond quickly to the conditions. When automation solutions are involved, several million bids for advertising space can quickly come together. Those who automate this process have more time for strategy and creativity. This also applies to many other areas of advertising planning and control. In the age of artificial intelligence and marketing automation, testing, experimenting and optimizing have become standard.

Innovative ideas and solutions form the core of the DMEXCO Conference on 11 and 12 September in Cologne. The focus here is on trends, technologies and best practices. Numerous specialized providers use the two days to share their knowledge in seminars, presentations and worklabs. Here are several of the offers in the area of conversion optimization and marketing efficiency.

Automate Amazon Advertising – how to get the most out of it!

Amazon advertising expenditures doubled in 2018 compared to the previous year. Working with Amazon Ads requires structure, strategy and sound knowledge of the platform rules. Those who attempt to place advertising here according to the old rules will quickly be disappointed. Managing the complexity of Amazon advertising, which is still in its infancy, requires the appropriate technology, especially in light of burgeoning voice commerce. Anyone who wants to use all the influencing factors to ensure the best possible bid achieves the greatest possible effect (i.e. product purchase) can no longer do without a good automation solution. Adspert is probably the best solution based on artificial intelligence at the moment. In this seminar, the experts from Bidmanagement will demonstrate successful campaign strategies, the structure of Amazon advertising campaigns, optimal keyword selection, modulation and the calculation of the Advertising Cost of Sales (ACoS).

The Pursuit of One-Handed Commerce: Why Ad Platforms Want to Own Transactions & How You Should React

Digital advertising platforms have always been exactly that – advertising platforms. They are built to connect consumer intentions with advertisers from the retail sector. With the launch of Google Shopping Actions, Instagram Shopping and Facebook Marketplace, traditional advertising platform business continues to evolve, seamlessly covering the entire e-commerce experience from ads to clicks and shopping carts! This seminar will show where this trend originated, where it is heading and how brands and retailers should respond.

Mastering the art of high-velocity marketing

One of the biggest challenges for marketers is the timely rollout of global campaigns across all conceivable touchpoints. Those who want to stand out from the crowd and be successful must be aware of cultural peculiarities and be different. In this session, Core Media will show marketing professionals and executives how to master global ad-hoc rollout. You’ll learn how leading brands create unique experiences to gain a strategic advantage, how this can impact customer retention, and how they master the art of instant marketing.

Moving beyond “A/B Testing”

How can brands and companies deliver the right campaigns and products to the right target groups at the right time with the right experience? And how can they achieve this across all channels and touchpoints? Those seeking answers to these questions will require a holistic approach. Digital Experience Optimization (DXO) is such an approach. Optimizely demonstrates in this presentation the use of the DXO platform and how the optimization lifecycle is managed and controlled.

Watch Celtra Produce 1000s of Ad Variants with Creative AI

New technologies offer new possibilities to organize media purchasing. But what about the creative production process? This is where the Creative Management Platform (CMP) comes in. As a centralized production tool for connecting media, marketing and creative teams, it ensures better conversion and maximum creative effectiveness. Celtra shows creative AI in action. A single designer will create thousands of attractive cross-channel ads in minutes. Creators and marketers can learn here how to tap the potential of their brand for better storytelling.

The problem-first framework: A new approach to experimentation

Optimizely is specialized in web experimentation. A benchmark of over 100,000 experiments identified key best practices and common pitfalls that led to creation of the Problem-First Hypothesis Framework.

In this workshop, marketing professionals will use this framework to learn proper user guidance and how to prioritize pain points. How can top performance be achieved with creativity and a willingness to take risks? Teams under the guidance of experts try to develop hypotheses for these and other issues. At the end of the two WorkLabs, volunteers will have the opportunity to receive broad feedback for their experimental design proposal from the respective participants.

Further seminars, worklabs and demo arena presentations can be found in the conference guide. With the DMEXCO App you can mark your personal favourites and plan them into your calendar.