10 tips for improving product data on amazon

Of images, bullet points and descriptions: Consistent data optimization ultimately boosts sales.

10 tips for improving product data on amazon

If you want to sell on Amazon, potential customers have to be able to find you – ideally, before they find the competition. A study conducted by analysts Jumpshot showed that more than two thirds of clicks on Amazon offers come from the first page of search results. 5.7 percent of the traffic is pulled by the first search hit alone, another 5.2 percent by the second. The best ranking, however, is the fourth hit, which takes a total of seven percent of the traffic.

You can’t reach the best places in the Amazon search without optimizing your product data. For a long time, content optimization has been limited to the pure provision of a maximum number of keywords. Today it’s different. Although keywords are still important, qualitative content and customer reviews are becoming increasingly important for ranking.

Keyword Optimization

In order for a product to appear in the amazon search in the first place, the product list must contain the keyword you are looking for. Retailers should first add all relevant keywords to their product pages and not be sparing. A thorough keyword research is therefore inevitable. The product title should already contain the five most relevant keywords. Other relevant keywords can be stored as “backend keywords” on the product page. Bulletpoints and other product details should also be filled with the most important keywords.

Content Optimization

Why qualitative content is important? Because it increases both the click rate in the search result and the conversion rate on the product page. Both pay for a higher ranking in the amazon search. Not only should the product description be comprehensive and error-free, but images and videos should also stand out with quality. Also the keywords in the ALT attribute, image descriptions and the correct naming of image files should not be neglected.

Customer reviews

Customer ratings can have a decisive influence on the ranking in the Amazon search. How you motivate your customers to write reviews for you has already been described in a story. You should always make sure that amazon’s guidelines are adhered to.

The bottom line

As refining information requires an enormous amount of time – experts estimate between 40 and 60 minutes per product – suppliers should proceed according to the Pareto principle and focus initially on the 20 percent of the product range that is responsible for 80 percent of sales. Only then should they turn their attention to the long tail keywords.

We have summarized detailed instructions on how to optimize your product data on amazon in a whitepaper for you. You can download it here for free.

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