DMEXCO 2021: don’t let these sessions pass you by!

In part 1 and part 2 of our highlight series, we already rounded up some innovative trends from the digital expo for you. The third part of our DMEXCO highlights has even more inspiring discussions and useful masterclasses in store.

Topics such as the digital transformation were hotly discussed at DMEXCO @home 2021.
Image: © Koelnmesse

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Tackling online hate: is there an effective strategy?

Whether on social media, in forums, or via email – not only has the tone been lowered on the Internet, but it’s also become exclusionary, degrading, and aggressive. So much so that it’s having an impact on people’s everyday lives in the real world – sometimes even being detrimental to their health.

Why do people use their online identity to spread hate, attack others, or discredit them? How do those affected, whether individual users or brands, handle the situation when up against a wave of hostility?

“The good thing about social media is that you are able to criticize, but you have to act in a way that you would not be ashamed of in real life,” says Nicole Diekmann, ZDF correspondent.

Having been in the firing line, she is joined by Chris Denson, creator of Innovation Crush, Natalie Gruis, CSO of TBWA\Neboko, and Danielle Kayembe, Social Impact at Female Quotient, to talk about the discussion culture on the web and the need to establish a netiquette.

Online content: a focus on context

Online privacy regulations are becoming increasingly important. More and more marketers are using contextual marketing to reach consumers. That means presenting customers with products or services that they are already interested in and thus placing them in a personal context.

“The paradigm has really shifted in favor of premium publishers because we are not sequestered by one platform anymore. We really do have the ability to meet the consumers where they are,” explains Pamela Drucker Mann, CRO of Condé Nast.

Together with Sara Fischer, media reporter for Axios, she discusses how marketers can succeed in maximizing their performance despite the growing complexity of data privacy.

Humanized technology: empathetic AI

A refrigerator that can read our mood and give us personal nutrition tips? For Rana el Kaliouby, Deputy CEO of Smart Eye, that’s a real possibility in the future. Further down the line, it’s expected that emotion AI will be able to measure emotions, contextualize them appropriately, and ultimately make the marketing experience more empathetic.

“Organizations that leverage empathy as a superpower will drive monetary value and economic growth,” in el Kaliouby’s opinion.

Especially for the marketing and advertising industry, leveraging the extensive range of captured data will make it possible to create more diverse, more targeted, and more empathetic structures in the future.

Setting new priorities: meeting customer needs post-Covid

The pandemic has shaken up society and shifted people’s priorities within a very short time. Brands have also felt the effects and are facing the challenge of meeting the new consumer needs.

“We have to constantly reflect on the status quo. I think we are in an ongoing transformation without a stop,” says Maša Schmidt, CMO of SAP Germany.

How can brands and marketing teams respond to a society that has learned to adjust its priorities from one day to the next? Stan Pavlovsky, CEO of Shutterstock, Jessica Nordlander, COO of ThoughtExchange, Marcus Foley, Founder of Tommy, Maša Schmidt, CMO of SAP Germany, and Natan Edelsburg, COO of Muck Rack, discuss the fundamental changes that are driving us and the strategies that brands should now establish.

DMEXCO On-Demand: all the highlights at a glance

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