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Announcement DMEXCO 2022 and launch a unique Web3 event

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs), crypto communities, blockchain, and the metaverse. The inaugural “” event at DMEXCO on September 21 and 22 in Cologne will take a deep dive into these important future topics. This exclusive “event within an event” is being organized by DMEXCO in collaboration with A dedicated experience, networking, and conference area at Europe’s leading digital marketing & tech event in Cologne will bring together top Web3 experts with the industry’s biggest brands.
June 29, 2022

What can brands and marketers expect from the metaverse? How do businesses operate with non-fungible tokens (NFTs) or with a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO)? How will blockchain impact marketing? And what will follow the collapse of cryptocurrencies? Web3 is currently probably one of the hottest topics in marketing and is raising plenty of questions. Around 60 top speakers will attempt to answer them at the inaugural event in Cologne.

Europe’s largest Web3 event is being held as part of DMEXCO 2022 in Cologne. DMEXCO is partnering with – a leading research, consulting, and investment agency focused on Web3, NFTs, gaming, and metaverse – to create “”. This exclusive Web3 area is where future technologies and current business practice will intersect. It features a conference stage, an experience and networking area, and an exclusive exhibition space for partners.

The lineup of prominent speakers for is also starting to take shape, with names such as Jürgen Alker (Head of NFT Studio @ Highsnobiety), Tim Walther (Metaverse & NFT @ Volkswagen Group), Dajana Eder (Co-Founder of wom3n.DAO), Anna Graf (Director of NFT @ MISA.ART), Tim Keding (Co-Founder of CryptoStudio), and Ante Kristo (CEO of The Football Company). Other headliners include Peter Grosskopf (Co-Founder & CTO at Unstoppable Finance), Romina Bungert (CFO at Centrifuge Foundation), and Balazs Deme (Co-Founder of Pile). All in all, the stage will host around 60 experts as they give eye-opening insights into the industry and discuss the latest Web3 trends.

Vicktoria Klich, Co-Founder of “The boundaries between real life and virtual reality are becoming increasingly blurred as both worlds are rapidly developing and progressing. Our partnership with DMEXCO – quite simply the leading event in the digital industry – is an opportunity for us to discuss all the relevant Web3 topics and issues with the world’s leading brands and marketers. We intend to bring the two communities together in Cologne to play an active role in helping shape a new era of Internet culture.”

Professor Dominik Matyka, Chief Advisor of DMEXCO, adds: “Web3 is still in its infancy. Nobody can say for certain how and to what extent blockchain, NFTs, or the metaverse will change the world we live in. That’s why we want to work with our partner to connect the relevant players from the digital economy. Our aim is to create a community focused on encouraging and sharing new ideas and developments, in order to further advance the digital economy. We’re interested in hands-on business, not theory – that’s what DMEXCO has stood for over the last 14 years.”

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