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DMEXCO goes Art: Artist Albrecht Behmel creates “DMEXCO Blockchain Originals”

The artist Albrecht Behmel has transformed "Take C.A.R.E.", this year’s DMEXCO motto, into four unmistakable works of art. Each letter is the center of a painting and each work of art certified by blockchain. The works will be exhibited at DMEXCO 2018. An original will be given away as part of a Social Media Challenge.
August 23, 2018

In the run-up to DMEXCO, the artist Albrecht Behmel has created an artistic rendering of the 2018 motto. The result is four paintings that take as their central theme the basic motifs of “Take C.A.R.E.”: Curiosity, Action, Responsibility, Experience. Each picture stands for itself, can be hung independently. It’s certificate is a blockchain-based. In this way, it will be possible to trace all future owners and locations of the paintings. “In addition to the four originals, a 20 by 5 meter printed reproduction of the works will be on display at DMEXCO in one of the courtyards between the halls. At the end of the event, this huge print will be cut up and signed by the artist, and given to selected persons, such as speakers and guests of honor. Visitors can also win pieces of the mega print,” explains Philipp Hilbig, Director Expo & Operations at DMEXCO.


Albrecht Behmel’s award-winning paintings are very easy to recognize. His style – the magic of the swarms – is based on overlapping silhouettes of figures, people, symbols, animals and abstract forms in strong colors. Each color field has its own meaning through an “algorithm in the head”, according to which the coloration gets its own logic. This creates an expressive mosaic of abstract forms, which together form figurative content. The artist thus tells stories, portrays faces, paints landscapes and shapes inner and outer realities.


How the Social Media Challenge works


In the DMEXCO TV Studio (Hall 9), Albrecht Behmel will be presenting his project under the motto “Blockchain & Art” on September 12. His art is also part of a Social Media Challenge: whoever shows on Instagram, as creatively as possible, where they would hang one of the works of art, using the hashtag #DMEXCO18, #BlockchainOriginals and #HangTheBlockchain, has a chance to win an original painting worth around 15,000 euros. A jury – consisting of Dr. Dominik Matyka, DMEXCO Chief Advisor, Judith Kühn, Director Conference DMEXCO, Philipp Hilbig, Director Expo & Operations, and the artist himself – will then decide at DMEXCO who will take home one of the originals.


“In 2018, blockchain will also be a hot topic of debate at DMEXCO. But I am particularly pleased that we are approaching the topic in a different, artistic and creative way with the ‘DMEXCO Blockchain Originals’ project. I firmly believe that blockchain can also revolutionize the art market. We want to discuss why and how at DMEXCO,” says Dr. Dominik Matyka, DMEXCO Chief Advisor.


“Following the path of a work of art in blockchain has the character of a happening in itself. That’s why we will cut up the huge print together and distribute it to many people, who will therefore all be able to participate in art. Artists have always interpreted and processed the impressions of human development in their work – now it is technology that we are translating into pictures,” says Albrecht Behmel, painter and author.


If you’re not one of the lucky winners of a “DMEXCO Blockchain Original” you will have a second chance on September 12 & 13 at DMEXCO in Cologne: visitors to DMEXCO 2018 are called upon to present themselves individually or in teams with the works and in a way that fits the content. Here, too, hashtags are used to identify the competition entries. All public postings on Twitter or Instagram should be marked with #DMEXCO18, #BlockchainOriginals and #CuttingTheBlockchain. The 25 posts with the most interactions will each receive a 1 by 1 meter piece of the mega print, signed by Albrecht Behmel and documented in the blockchain certificate.


About Albrecht Behmel

The painter Albrecht Behmel, 47, studied in Heidelberg and Berlin. He has lived in the Black Forest since 2012, but mainly works in New York, Paris, Los Angeles, Miami, London and Berlin. His fascination for the digital world dates back to the nineties, when he founded one of the first German digital publishers and experimented with Germany’s first e-books. Albrecht is known, among other things, for his spontaneous guerrilla preview events in underground garages, parks and other unusual spaces, where he plays with art and creative input. As an author he has developed content for Arte, SWR, Deutschlandfunk and SR as well as numerous production companies. He has also published a large number of novels and non-fiction books.




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