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Connected everything (3/3 with Bob Greenberg)

Podcast Episode 28
Podcast Episode 28

For the DMEXCO Podcast, our host Katja spoke with Bob Greenberg, founder and Executive Chairman of R/GA, about many exciting topics and gained a lot of interesting insight. We therefore didn’t shorten the conversation to the usual length and instead split it into three episodes.

The third and last episode is about how Bob sees the future and the direction he personally wants to take when he says: “I don’t want to get bigger, I want to get faster.”

In the first episode, we took a look at the history of R/GA as a film studio that has evolved into an interactive agency and then a consulting firm. We also heard Bob’s advice on starting companies and dealing with change.

The second part dealt with the present and upcoming change for R/GA as well as how to handle changes in the marketing industry—especially in Germany—and resistance to change.

Episode 3: Connected everything

Bob Greenberg, R/GA

In the third episode, Bob explains in more detail the “operating system” behind R/GA and how the company is perfectly positioned for the Gig Economy. Unlike the large marketing networks, R/GA is not designed for retainer orders and works very closely with freelancers at all its locations. The international offices and capacities can be called in on quickly for projects—even at short notice and for short periods.

It also becomes clear what the next incarnation of R/GA will look like. Close connections between venture business, consulting, agency services, customers and start-ups enables an entirely new orchestration of entire industries and beyond. Close connections with a creative eye on synergy effects at all times.

At the end of the conversation, Bob gets personal and reveals what his free time is like, and how everything is “connected” for him: his houses, his car and even his motorcycle jacket. Bob Greenberg is a man who can easily be described as “connected everything” in his business as well as in his private life.

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The Word of Agencies at DMEXCO is the perfect place for large and small agencies, which, like R/GA, are ready or would like to get ready for the future. At DMEXCO we are also constantly developing. Dominik Matyka, Chief Advisor of DMEXCO, explains this in our podcast episode: DMEXCO in transition from trade fair to medium

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