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Digital networking, smart cities, electric cars – the world is investing more and more in the mobility of the future. Mobility, automotive, and climate neutrality demand a shift in thinking, and not only against the backdrop of climate change. In the course of digitalization, new technologies are increasingly being used to pave the way for intelligent concepts intended to improve urban life and the mobility of the future. The mobility of the future and Automotive 4.0 A revolution is happening in the global automotive industry. Digitalization, autonomous driving, and the shift from combustion engines to electromobility and climate neutrality are upheaving every aspect of this market, which has remained relatively unchanged until now, while also presenting new op...
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How autonomous delivery robots will transform retail
Self-driving cars are dreams of the future, but technology could revolutionize local and online retail.
Massages and music: This is what mobility at Audi looks like
With Valtech, Audi is working on ways to save time savings, safety – and on technological gaps. A review.