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Artificial intelligence in sales: 5 example applications

It´s one of the most important topics in Digital Business this year: Artificial Intelligence (AI). More and more data and application possibilities are important prerequisites for marketing, such as using a better and more efficient customer approach. In addition to intelligent bots, there will also be voice marketing and many other technologies that attract interest in marketing.

To get an overview of the topics and trends on AI, DMEXCO publishes a series of articles on the categories Media, Technology, Future, Business and Marketing in this e-book. It contains outlooks on digital marketing topics, as well as a series of examples and experiences on AI.

These are the exact topics in our e-book:


  • “Smart Campaigns”: Google uses AI to advertise for SMEs

Google has turned to a new type of campaign to attract small and local businesses.

  • Amazon is increasing its shares of ad spending more and more

  • Alexa, what is the future of voice assistants?


  • Ad Fraud: Can AI and blockchain help?

  • China mutating into Silicon Dragon

  • Artificial intelligence in sales: 5 example applications

The potential of AI is said to be particularly high in marketing, but there are also a wealth
of opportunities in sales.



  • AI in companies: Definitely a matter for top management

  • Synthetic Data: a new Business Model?

Data is the raw material for AI systems. But what do companies do that do not generate enough data?

  • What we can learn from Netflix


  • Using future technologies to tap into new business opportunities

  • AI Ethics I: What do we want to use AI for?

  • AI Ethics II: Why we need quality control

  • AI Ethics III: What are the control requirements?


  • AI in Marketing: From the user to the personality

  • How Deutsche Bank benefits from new technologies

CMO Tim Alexander explains how marketing is evolving into a strategic corporate function.

  • Increased efficiency in digital marketing: AI instead of an agency?


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