Top e-commerce trends – presented at DMEXCO 2023

E-commerce news, best practices, and future outlooks once again took center stage at this year’s DMEXCO. We’ve put together a selection of key sessions.

It’s all about e-commerce: these were the top sessions at DMEXCO 2023!
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Inspiring talks and deep dives in the World of E-Commerce

E-commerce is regarded as one of the most important sectors of digital business. So it’s only logical that it was given its own area again at this year’s DMEXCO. In the World of E-Commerce, exhibitors presented the latest developments in online retail and, as always, shared plenty of practical insider knowledge. And the E-Commerce Stage gave highly acclaimed experts a platform to provide exclusive insights into the current e-commerce landscape and discuss inspiring innovations that are set to take online retail to the next level.

Omnichannel, social commerce, green shopping: e-commerce in 2023/2024

Online retail plays a leading role in the digital industry when it comes to integrating new technologies. Not only is the customer experience being optimized by digitally enhancing online platforms, but solutions are also being created that will significantly shape the future of online shopping. In an interview with moderator and founder Chérine De Bruijn, Kaan Karaca (CTO at denkwerk) and Stephan Clasen (Technical Director at denkwerk) talk about hyper-personalization, immersive shopping experiences, and other relevant e-commerce trends. And of course they also look ahead to 2024.

[Watch the German-language lecture here]

AI solutions as an innovative booster in online retail

Artificial intelligence is currently one of the most controversial topics in the digital industry. However, online retailers can gain a significant competitive advantage by implementing AI technologies. In his lecture, Michael Witzenleiter (CEO & Founder of Conversion Maker) explores the most important and fascinating ways in which AI can be used in e-commerce and explains how companies can benefit.

[Watch the German-language lecture here]

Digital fashion: new technological approaches for greater sustainability

From production and supply chains to sending products and processing returns from customers – many online retailers face immense challenges from a sustainability perspective. Like hardly any other sector, the fashion industry has to strike a balance between consumers wanting a quick and easy shopping experience and the need to use resources as efficiently as possible. So, how can big brands leverage new technologies in order to act more sustainably? Benjamin Köhler (Lead Sustainability Management at OTTO) presents the principle of circular fashion and shares customers’ reactions to OTTO’s Circular Collection.

[Watch the German-language lecture here]

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