How to optimize your content marketing for Google and other platforms

Content marketing and SEO are inseparable.

How to optimize your content marketing for Google and other platforms

In the best case, high-quality content on your own website can attract attention in the organic Google search for companies and is a way to distinguish yourself from competitors. For companies it is now essential to prepare search engine optimized content to have it found where their own target group is looking for it and to present themselves visibly as a brand. A number of basic rules must be observed for this.

SEO remains important

Content in the form of blog articles, studies or white papers, which have been optimized for search engines, help companies generate good SEO rankings and be found in relation to specific topics. Search engine optimization generally describes the use of strategies, tools and techniques to be listed at the top of search results when users enter certain keywords. Both the technical and the content optimization of the site are analyzed by search engines such as Google, Bing or regional counterparts such as Yandex or Baidu. In addition to the technical and content-related part, SEO also includes so-called off-page SEO: Link marketing and link building belong to this category.

Above all, user friendliness pays off. Those who build the page structure based on user search behavior and integrate corresponding keywords have better chances of being found. Search engines also classify as more relevant meaningfully structured content with marked headings and useful information that answers users’ questions. There are also a number of tricks that have a positive effect on the search engine position of content.

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