DMEXCO survey: the top marketing trends of 2024

What’s driving the industry in 2024? Is AI still a hot topic? What’s the current mood in the industry? And what will budgets be spent on this year? Our latest survey has the answers. Dive into our free whitepaper to learn more!


The marketing trends of 2024

After its meteoric success last year, you’ll hardly be surprised to hear that artificial intelligence will be the top trending topic in 2024. However, it won’t be the only subject high on the industry’s agenda. Some of these trends were expected, while others are a little perplexing. At the same time, the marketing mix is changing in many cases. So, you may be asking yourself where the journey is heading in 2024. In response to that, we wanted to give you a well-informed early indicator with our latest trend survey, which contains all-important answers and insights into how marketers are navigating the current landscape. The survey was conducted by the market research company Civey on behalf of DMEXCO.

The DMEXCO survey: facts, facts, and more facts for 2024

In our free-to-download marketing whitepaper, we round up all the facts from our survey and give you a clear overview of:

  • The marketing trends that are proving especially popular with marketers in 2024 (and yes, artificial intelligence isn’t the only one)
  • The current mood and state of affairs in the industry
  • The channels where marketers are increasing and cutting their budgets this year

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