DMEXCO Party: Love and Engtanz in Wolkenburg

The official party on the first evening takes as its motto “DMEXCO meets I LOVE ENGTANZ”.

DMEXCO Party: Love and Engtanz in Wolkenburg

When the first successful day of the trade fair draws to a close, there will be many reasons to party. And the perfect place to do this in style: the official DMEXCO Party on September 12. This year’s motto is “DMEXCO meets I LOVE ENGTANZ”. And we really mean it!

Berlin party culture in Wolkenburg

I LOVE ENGTANZ” has its roots in Germany’s capital and number 1 party metropolis. Here, the party series hosted by Picknick Berlin is a true institution. Fabulously decorated with disco balls and heart balloons, LOVE is written with a capital L. Love songs, 90s pop, hip-hop and R’n’B pump from the loudspeakers and confetti flies through the air. An unforgettable evening in your program of visits.

The venue for the DMEXCO Party is as unique as the program and atmosphere: Wolkenburg, a former monastery located directly at the heart of Cologne city center. The stylish walls can hold up to 1,200 guests, spread out however they like over the inside rooms, outdoor bars and dance floors. Choose between a hip-hop floor with three DJs and catchy beats, and the I LOVE ENGTANZ floor with love songs and cult hits.

Drinks, finger food and party snacks are also included. They are just as much a part of the party as networking.

It’s the place to be!

We look forward to pop stars, DJs, international guests – and you! It all kicks off on Wednesday evening at 8:30 pm in Wolkenburg. Get your DMEXCO Party ticket.