DMEXCO 2023 recap: A hotspot for digital innovation

Bursting with innovative power, energy, and creativity, DMEXCO 2023 emphatically underscored the role of the digital and tech industry in shaping the digital world of tomorrow!

Discover the highlights of DMEXCO 2023 in our story.
Image: © Koelnmesse

Optimized solutions for connected TV

Fragmented media consumption across a range of devices is one of the most complex issues that marketers are facing. Linear TV no longer has the monopoly on viewers’ attention and, at the same time, moving image content is probably more effective at delivering marketing messages than ever before. What is now the best way to display ads in order to target and reach specific target groups? And how do pricing and reporting need to change in order to satisfy changing market conditions?

Isabella Thissen (Ad Alliance) addressed these questions relating to connected TV on the Media Stage on September 21. In her lecture “State of CTV”, she presented Ad Alliance’s Cross Impact solution: “We can use Cross Impact to measure the reach of cross-media campaigns across all devices. And we can then report back on the incremental added value of each specific category that was posted for a campaign. That helps us understand which categories really do add incremental value for which campaigns and which target groups, so that we can leverage that knowledge for future media planning.”

Communities create hype

The hype is real! From series such as Game of Thrones to films like Star Wars, fans lead and hype follows. In his presentation “The Anatomy of Hype and how to connect with Gen Twitch”, Burkhard Leimbrock (Twitch) turned the spotlight on the effect of fandoms on creating hype. “Today there is a community for nearly every kind of passion […]. And those communities of fans who come together over the path of a single topic have a huge influence over what gets specific attention within these communities – and this happens every day”, he told the audience from the Center Stage.

That’s why the fans, brands, and companies that support and create this fan culture jointly welcomed in the next hype, and the next, added Leimbrock. If brands want to draw attention to themselves as “part of the hype”, they need to go to the source of the latest trends: to the people who enjoy sharing their passion with others.

Fashion – physical, digital, and phygital

The / Tech Stage on the afternoon of day 2 of DMEXCO was dominated by just one topic: digital fashion! Top speakers presented intriguing insights and innovations, ranging from perfectly faithful 3D models of garments through to using blockchain and NFT technology (to verify if a bag is genuine, for example) and creating threads, yarns, and materials. The fashion industry was used to deliver an impressive demonstration of the digital possibilities of modern technology and how it is changing the world we live in. If you missed it, make sure to watch it in our VOD library.

Trending topic and motto: Digital creativity

This year’s motto for DMEXCO was “Empowering Digital Creativity”. This trending topic – inspired by the publicly accessible AI solutions on the market – has the potential to revolutionize the work of digital professionals. It’s therefore only fitting that numerous speakers, including Aude Gandon (Nestlé), along with Mascha Driessen (Microsoft Advertising) and Saurabh Tiwary (Microsoft) addressed the question of what digital work might look like, now and in the future. Everyone – on the stages, in conversations, at the booths – was talking about the topics of AI and creativity, while many speakers agreed that AI is ideal for handling repetitive tasks.

DMEXCO 2023 available in re-live

You can now watch many of the sessions from DMEXCO 2023 in re-live, and ticket holders can access the videos from the conference program in the DMEXCO app. If you attended DMEXCO but missed one of our stimulating lectures, then browse the app and catch up on some valuable insights for your business!

DMEXCO 2023 – what an event!

The impressions from the past two days are overwhelming and it will probably take a few more days to process everything that we’ve seen, heard, and experienced. But one thing is clear right now: bringing so many smart minds and their enthusiasm for everything digital together in the same place is unbelievably inspiring. It is the people and their perspectives who have yet again made this year’s DMEXCO what is undeniably Europe’s leading digital marketing & tech event. From the impressive events on the stages and the many smiling faces at the booths to the conversations over coffee or cold drinks and, last but not least, the dancing when evening fell – we already can’t wait to see you all again at DMEXCO 2024