Checklist for an optimal omnichannel customer service

The multitude of channels poses a great challenge to shop operators and companies. Which channels are relevant? What do they offer customers and companies? How can I orchestrate them efficiently and effectively? We provide you with 9 must-haves for a service strategy that works.

Optimal omnichannel customer service

Statements like “customer service is the new marketing” or “customer service is your best salesperson” have become quite common. In times of digitalization, not only are the requirements of the customers increasing, but communication behavior is also changing constantly. New digital possibilities such as chats and messenger services enable communication that is completely detached from time and place. This also applies to the expectations regarding companies and their service offerings. It should be as simple, convenient, reliable and independent of time and place as possible.

Using the right omnichannel strategy to increase customer proximity and revenue

For many companies it is therefore clear that they have to pursue a cross-channel strategy and provide service offerings via numerous different channels. An omnichannel strategy offers customers the ability to make inquiries via traditional means of communication such as telephone, fax or e-mail as well as via new digital channels. These include social media platforms, messenger services or video chats.

Why customer service has to be an in-house project

On the one hand, digital customer service provides customers the opportunity to achieve more sales and strengthen the brand, and on the other hand it presents them with a great challenge. Rising expectations intensify the pressure to perform and growing communication options increase the complexity of the IT infrastructure. Nevertheless, companies should view service expansion as an in-house project. After all, nobody has as much data and knowledge about the needs, challenges and wishes of their customers as their own company does.

Our checklist includes:

  • Why strategic language rules are worthwhile for your company
  • What “mobile capability” includes
  • How to respond quickly and actively to inquiries
  • How to provide self-service and save resources
  • How to personalize your service
  • What artificial intelligence can do for you
  • Why you should constantly develop your offers

Download the checklist with our tips here:

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