Black Friday marketing in 2022: 5 tips for your social commerce strategy

It’s nearly that time of year again: on November 25 and 28, Black Friday and Cyber Monday will once again be gifting record discounts to customers and record sales to companies. Keep a cool head with our five tips for your Black Friday marketing and social commerce strategy – success guaranteed!

5 tips for your social commerce strategy on Black Friday and Cyber Monday
Image: © Seventyfour / Adobe Stock

Knowledge is power: understanding Black Friday and leveraging customer potential

Our guide explores the origins of Black Friday and how Cyber Monday ties in. Insights from the past will get you optimally prepared for creating a sound Black Friday strategy for these special shopping days.

Social commerce done right

Your Black Friday marketing needs to move with the times; otherwise you’ll be left behind by the competition. Social commerce will play a major role this year, so our guide takes a closer look at that.

We also delve into the technical aspects that absolutely belong in a cutting-edge social commerce strategy for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. From servers to shop integration, there’s a lot to keep in mind for your campaign to take off smoothly.

Keeping ahead of the competition and converting customers

At the end of the day (but also on shopping days), marketing is a numbers game. Our guide explains the rules you have to play by on the most important e-commerce days of the year. Take the tips on board and your Black Friday marketing will stand out from the crowd, your performance will be second to none, and you’ll lay the data-driven foundations for your future success.