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Radio stations are perfect for programmatic advertising

Podcast Episode 3
Podcast Episode 3

“9 million points of contact per second by users worldwide – that’s the volume of data we collect every day. These data provide a precise indication of how a user moves around on the Internet. We can use these data to develop the perfect campaign structure.”

All you need: programmatic advertising.

That’s according to Lukas Fassbender, General Manager DACH at The Trade Desk. One of the leading companies in programmatic advertising, which is the fully automated and customized sale and purchase of advertising space in real time. With this in mind, he categorizes: audio is becoming increasingly important in programmatic advertising and should also play a leading role in campaign planning, too.

“User behavior has changed, as you can see in the case of television. The user wants content whenever and wherever he or she wants it. The situation with Spotify and Soundcloud are similar. That’s why content and advertising together need to be systematically targeted around the user.”

Programmatic advertising doesn’t mean inundating the user with advertising on every channel.

Advertising has to adapt to changing user behavior, too. Which doesn’t mean literally bludgeoning the user with advertising on every channel. According to Lukas, this is a negative effect that brands particularly want to avoid. “Programmatic advertising avoids this effect. The user should be more drawn to the brand. That’s exactly where we want to go in the effort to vastly improve the experience for the user.”

Fragmentation across a host of possible channels and players makes it very difficult to find the right advertisement for the right user on the right channel. Programmatic Advertising simplifies the task of aggregating multiple sources and, based on this, deciding which contact should be selected. The best examples of this, according to Lukas, are Spotify or Soundcloud, which have very extreme call-up rates. But Lukas sees the greatest potential for radio stations, because soon users can call them up via voice assistants such as Alexa, giving them the capacity to offer the perfect platform for automatically generated advertising.

In this podcast episode, learn more about the potential of programmatic audio, and why it doesn’t render agencies or creative professionals obsolete.

Another example

At DMEXCO 2018, Brian Benedik, Vice President and Global Head of Advertising at Spotify, demonstrated how the streaming service makes efficient use of video advertising:

Alex Wunschel
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