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Pippa Scaife (CNN) on Carrying the Legacy Forward – How Traditional Publishers are Evolving

Podcast Episode 33
Podcast Episode 33

Pippa Scaife is Commercial Director, Emerging Brands at CNN International Commercial, where her focus lies on growing partnerships for emerging brands such as Great Big Story, the independent global media company dedicated to cinematic storytelling. In a podcast with our host Alex, she explains how CNN has evolved since its foundation nearly 40 years ago and what topics are of importance today in order to remain relevant and keep the world-famous brand at the forefront of digital innovation. In the podcast, you can hear:

  • How publishers and brands continually adapt their communication to current developments, using and analyzing data to remain fit for the future to meet their customers’ needs.
  • Pippa explains the idea behind “Great Big Story”, how it came about and how CNN has successfully built a global independent brand for emotional and positive storytelling – without drawing on the recognition of CNN’s well-known three-letter logo.
  • How brands can benefit from CNN’s journalistic competence, data-driven insights into a young international target group in combination with positive emotional storytelling to convey their own attitudes and values.
  • Against the backdrop of this work, Alex poses the question: Are publishers such as CNN and Great Big Story increasingly competing with agencies and perhaps even making them redundant with their full-range services?

One example of such a Great Big Story for a brand was produced as part of “The Words Matter” campaign, which showcases how a few dedicated employees of P&G fought hard for the corporation to recognize the rights of the LGBT community and anchor them in its diversity guidelines.

At the end of the podcast, Pippa provides an outlook and her opinion as to how the media landscape will develop in the next 5-10 years.

Anyone who would like to see and hear more from Pippa Scaife can do so at DMEXCO 2019 during her panel “Publishers – How are you doing?” on the Debate Stage on Wednesday at 2:25 p.m.


Alex Wunschel
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