Your successful digital visit to the DMEXCO @home expo

Even a purely digital expo visit should be carefully planned. DMEXCO @home offers you the best possibilities for preparation so that you can dive into two eventful days at full power starting at 10 a.m. on September 23!

Alt attribute: Your digital visit to the DMEXCO @home expo – preparation is everything
Image: © DMEXCO @home

How can I purchase a ticket for DMEXCO @home?

You can get your ticket for DMEXCO @home in our online shop. It is valid for both expo days and can be used to attend the entire event (conference, showfloor, networking) without any restrictions. Once you have bought a ticket, you can access DMEXCO @home at You will be able to log into the DMEXCO @home platform starting on September 14. Please use the same login details you entered for the ticket shop. From that point on, you can get down to business and start preparing your digital visit to the expo.

Log into DMEXCO @home before the expo starts

We recommend logging into DMEXCO @home as early as possible. After all, it’s in your interest to be optimally prepared for your digital expo visit. With that in mind, our tip is to familiarize yourself with the platform a week before the expo starts – although it can be used purely intuitively, it offers a range of different features that need to be explored in advance.

You can log into DMEXCO @home as early as September 14 – plenty of time to get used to the features and make the most of them:

  1. Take a look at the conference program and put together your personal schedule: Which topics interest you? Which speakers have you always wanted to experience live? Which deep dive do you definitely not want to miss out on? You don’t have to set anything in stone, but a rough plan won’t hurt and will give you something to look forward to.
  2. Why not arrange a few meetings with your ideal candidates beforehand? Prior to the event, you could maybe note down some topics that especially interest you and questions you want to know the answers to. As soon as the platform opens, you can arrange meetings with partners who, like you, have registered after buying their ticket.
  3. It’s also a good idea to create a list of your favorite exhibitors beforehand if you want to take a closer look at their showrooms and contact them.

Be perfectly organized using the calendar features

Once you’re able to log into DMEXCO @home in advance on September 14, the calendar feature will also be enabled.

Ahead of the expo, you will be able to bookmark the first conference info and create your own timetable of preferred sessions and other highlights. The platform’s structured layout gives you a complete overview of both expo days.

  • Your personal lineup will contain your individual appointments, such as meeting calls or scheduled appointments with potential partners.
  • Under MY DMEXCO, in the combined calendar, all of these appointments will be displayed alongside your saved sessions, deep dives, keynotes, and more.

Smart time management at DMEXCO @home

At DMEXCO 2020, the two expo days will run from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. – a whole twelve hours packed full of eye-opening input, top speakers, and interesting meetings. So we have put together a few tips for you here:

  1. Make sure to take regular breaks, just as you would at the analog DMEXCO. Ideally, you should alternate between longer sessions and shorter meeting calls in your personal schedule.
  2. Also keep some time slots free to visit and explore different showfloors.
  3. Be sure to make some time available for taking networking breaks in the virtual cafe. This will break up your schedule a bit and let you actually take the many insights away with you. Set priorities – even if that is difficult given the great selection of top speakers and exhibitors!

Particularly if you want to integrate the digital DMEXCO @home into your workday, then preparation is an absolute must. Carve out some space and block out the time slots when you have sessions, deep dives, or meetings at the digital expo. Tip: Temporarily switch off your Teams, Skype, Slack, and maybe even email notifications during this time so that you can completely focus on the content.

And now just go get yourself a ticket, explore DMEXCO @home, and experience two unforgettable expo days – we look forward to seeing you there!