Top speakers & sessions: This was the red-hot lineup at DMEXCO 2022!

Wow! What a hit! With around 40,000 visitors, more than 770 speakers, and 560 partners, DMEXCO 2022 may be over, but in our heads we're still there. And that’s thanks to the incredibly engrossing and inspiring speakers & sessions.

DMEXCO 2022 – the top speakers & sessions
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Artificial intelligence, Web3, and the metaverse

“Machines behaving badly” was the title of Professor Toby Walsh’s session where he explored and analyzed the topic of artificial intelligence. Based at the University of New South Wales, he is one of the world’s leading experts on AI and has spent more than 40 years researching the topic. At DMEXCO, he reminded us that “the intelligence we build in machines is going to be very artificial, very different to human intelligence. And we shouldn’t think it is going to be now like our own human intelligence.”

Elena Corchero’s presentation covered new hybrid realities, Web3, and the metaverse. As Director of Emerging Tech at Dow Jones, she discussed the importance of gamified engagement, NFTs, metaverse presence, and tokenized participation/DAOs, saying: “Most of these technologies […] are actually in the hands of gaming companies.”

The future of TV, connected TV, and the politics of reporting the weather

Matthias Dang, Co-CEO of RTL Deutschland, talked about connected and addressable TV, as well as why the best days of TV are still to come. He argued in favor of a new conceptual definition, since it “doesn’t matter who sends the signal, as long as it reaches users,” and he also answered the question of how, saying: “Impact moves people’s hearts and minds, as well as the budgets of advertising customers.”

Long-time weather presenter and head of the ARD Weather Competence Centre Silke Hansen discussed how political weather reports can be, and gave intriguing insights into the topics they cover and whether the colors they use dramatize climate change. Ultimately, however, the focus has shifted to how the weather is presented, rather than the weather itself.

Digital marketing, digital advertising, and what really impresses people working in advertising

Norman Wagner, Head of Group Media at Deutsche Telekom, took his listeners at DMEXCO 2022 with him on a journey 2,500 years into the past, as he discussed Plato’s allegory of the cave and the lessons that digital marketers can learn from it in order to grow.

Caroline Hugonenc, Global Vice President Research & Insights at Teads, discussed the importance of attention in brands achieving sustainable growth in her presentation “Welcome to the Ecology of Attention”. In today’s world of overstimulation, attention is the most precious of commodities, so brands should focus on the three Ps: “people, planet, and profit”.

In his presentation “Werbung für Niemand – Awareness und Purpose ist das Gegenteil von Markenstärke” (“Advertising to Nobody – Awareness and Purpose is the Opposite of Brand Strength”), Dr. Oliver Errichiello, CEO of Hamburg-based strategy consultancy Büro für Markenentwicklung (Office for Brand Development), discussed what actually impresses people who work in advertising and what brands should ideally steer clear of.

Retail marketing, omnichannel solutions, and trends in influencer marketing

Clemens Bauer, Director Marketing & Media at the Rewe Group, started his presentation by declaring his love for the food industry. He went on to outline the main challenges facing food retail marketing and how Rewe is overcoming them, then used the hashtag #umdenkbar (rethinkable) to encourage a rethink to boost innovation and sustainability on the market!

Simon Halstead’s presentation explored how omnichannel solutions can attract more attention: “An omnichannel for a marketer is about simplicity. It is about being able to buy and understand how each of the channels are supporting each other.” Halstead, VP Exchange and Supply International at Yahoo, discussed the significant changes that are coming in the next few years, and called for development and experimentation.

James Creech, SVP of Influencer Strategy at Brandwatch, shared insights from the influencer marketing industry along with ten predictions for influencer marketing in 2023 and their impact on the marketing industry. As well as robots, these predictions also included a new home for “grownup” content creators, podcasts, and ad monetization on TikTok.

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