Success with digital learning: 8 learning platforms show us how

Lifelong learning is something everyone aspires to in today’s rapidly evolving world of work. But how can that be best achieved? And what creative solutions are available? Our pick of eight learning platforms deliver new answers to these questions.

Online learning platforms are the future of continuing education.
Image: © BullRun / Adobe Stock

Digital learning platforms make expert knowledge accessible

Continuing education has become a new market in itself. During the COVID-19 pandemic, digital remote learning became especially popular. The content now offered by a wide range of providers is by no means trivial and goes way beyond just scratching the surface. Instead, users can access expert, in-depth knowledge and learn new skills – both in a personal and professional context, with some employers encouraging and funding it and, in some cases, even requiring it. Online learning platforms let you build your knowledge and skill up, giving your career an all-important boost.

Different types of learning platforms

In the space of just a few years, an entire industry has formed in terms of online learning platforms – starting with the software required to create courses and make them digitally accessible. And as for the vast array of continuing education content being offered, easy-access courses are now appealing to a broad audience – and not necessarily just for professional purposes, but also for personal or creative reasons.

Niche companies have also tapped into the world of online learning platforms by acting as subject matter experts and sharing content from their industry with eager learners.

In our whitepaper, we take a closer look at eight different learning platforms and present examples of tried-and-tested systems.