Sell more on Black Friday with WhatsApp

Marketing and messaging expert Matthias Mehner explains why messengers should be part of every Black Friday strategy.

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Black Friday marketing: Top 5 hacks to sell more with WhatsApp

Every year the holiday season seems to arrive sooner than late. As it kicks off with Black Friday in late November, you already have to prepare your marketing and sales strategy for THE shopping season of the year. Matthias Mehner, marketing and messaging expert, explains why messaging apps like WhatsApp should be part of every company’s Black Friday strategy.

1. Use a data-compliant, professional messaging solution

If you want to ensure data protection and scale your WhatsApp campaigns, you have to use the WhatsApp Business Platform (API). In theory, everyone can use the API, but in practice, most companies don’t have spare developer resources to implement WhatsApp for their professional use. This is where Business Solution Providers (BSP) such as Sinch Engage come in. They connect companies to the WhatsApp Business Platform. Find your right fit on Meta’s partner page.

With a BSP like Sinch Engage you’ll be able to:

  • Ready-to-use, no IT skills necessary
  • be 100% GDPR-compliant while using messaging apps
  • manage all messages from all messaging apps from one inbox
  • send real-time or scheduled broadcasts
  • create a chatbot without the help of developers
  • integrate messaging applications into your CRM or payment systems

2. Create FOMO and get people into your channel.

One of your first steps is to get your customers into WhatsApp. They already have WhatsApp installed on their phones, but you need their opt-in to chat with them. Get them excited about your new channel. How?

  • Send an e-mail to your customers and tell them about your new channel.
  • Add a QR-code to flyers and posters and give a discount to everyone who opts in.
  • Add a banner to your website and open sales earlier exclusively for WhatsApp subscribers.
  • Add the information to your Thank You page and e-mail. You want to reach the right audience? Start paid ads and target new or existing customers.
  • Use click-to-WhatsApp links everywhere to guide users directly to your WhatsApp chat.

3. Be creative – from flash sales and advent calendars to cross promotion

There are many Black Friday and Christmas campaigns out there and you want to stand out. Here are some ideas for your next campaign on WhatsApp:

  • Cross-promotion: Make announcements on your social channels and give special discounts to your new WhatsApp subscribers. Use click-to-WhatsApp ads on Facebook and Instagram to lead customers into your WhatsApp channel.
  • Chatbot: Instead of just promoting deals, use a bot to send gift ideas to subscribers.
  • Reminders: WhatsApp is a great channel to send your Black Friday deals ahead of time. You can save your customers’ data and group them according to their preferences: average spend, preferred brands, previously purchased products etc.
  • Flash sales: Especially during Black Week customers are looking for great deals. You can offer special discounts for a limited time to your WhatsApp subscribers only.
  • Advent calendar: Keep your audience excited after Black Week and offer great deals via WhatsApp every day in December.

4. Conversational commerce: Be there for your customers

Black Week and the holiday season are busy sales seasons. For businesses, this also means: more customer inquiries, more work with shipping and packaging, and more returns. Use chatbots to automate these processes! It’ll speed up your operations, help customers faster, and reduce costs.

You can set up a chatbot to answer FAQs, send automated tracking information, and even automate the return process.

Or, take it a step further: use conversational messaging to talk to your customers like they would with their friends. As a result, customers will build a stronger loyalty with your brand, and they’re also more likely to buy more and spend more!

5. Don’t underestimate other messaging apps

Think beyond WhatsApp! WhatsApp has updated its pricing for businesses in June 2023 and increased marketing messages! Telegram is an alternative, as bulk messages are free. Plus, there are dedicated business solutions.

Instagram is also an interesting option for conversational commerce. It has become an increasingly attractive platform for many industries. Instagram and its Direct Messaging are often the first touch point with a brand for social media users. The messaging service is an ideal starting point for engaging users in a conversation and turning them into loyal customers.

With Sinch Engage, you can use different messaging apps to get in touch with your customers and sell even more during Black Week.


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