One click to the essence: To-the-point videos with GoEssential

Have you ever found the right video, started it and then spent ten long minutes waiting for substance? It makes you want to scream out "get to the point" and "where is the interesting part?". Does this sound familiar to you?

One click to the essence: To-the-point videos with GoEssential

Especially in conference videos, but also in tutorials and webinars, we tend to first introduce the subject and then explain a lot before getting to the point sometime around minute 25. But that’s just one of the time-consuming elements of watching videos. Before that, one often spends a lot of time searching and scrolling to finally find a promising video without even realizing it.

The thicket of video platforms: how long we search to find what we are seeking

There is a parameter for this, which is being collected on an ongoing basis. It is called the “average minutes per day spent searching for content on video on-demand services” and has increased to more than a third of the total time we spend on video platforms: 29 minutes (searching) to 53 (viewing) for millenials and 19 minutes (searching) to 29 (viewing) for people aged 35+.

Summaries and content lists help hone in on the actual essence

The start-up GoEssential has set itself the goal of making content-rich videos faster and more accessible. Using a table of contents, you can navigate precisely to the points in the video that interest you. In addition to this, it offers a so-called “essence” feature. This is a concise summary of the most important parts of a video in easily consumable form. Thus, the core statements of longer videos are condensed down to just a few minutes.

When a hip hop artist bets on tech | DMEXCO 2019

You can also use a video essence as a trailer. This provides users with the desired rough overview of the content. You can use the index to go into more depth or watch the whole video. And of course the chapter bookmarks can also be shared with friends.

Upgraded videos improve SEO and engagement

For organizations that have already put a lot of effort into producing videos, GoEssential offers a great way to bring their video content to the people. In addition to this, the content integrated in this way is search engine optimized and thus improves findability on Google, etc.

The “essentialized” videos of your own YouTube or Vimeo channel can also be integrated into your website as a library with just a few mouse clicks. This has the advantage that website users no longer have to go to YouTube, get distracted and lose sight of the actual provider. The average user spends 88 percent more time on websites with video content (Forbes 2018 in Video Marketing Statistics for 2019). This is yet another reason to provide well working video content here.

Essentialized videos of DMEXCO

The DMEXCO makers were impressed with the advantages and thus, for the third time now, GoEssential is packing the video content of the conference into digestible appetizers and presenting these bits to conference visitors on a silver platter.

Here are some selected examples:

Search for Truth | 2019 (Jimmy Wales, Co-Founder Wikipedia)

The Trust Revolution | 2019 (Stephanie Buscemi, CMOSalesforce)

The Philosophy of Trust | 2019 (Dr. Brennan Jacoby, Philosopher and Founder Philosophy at Work)

YouTube: Mass Media Reimagined | 2019

The bottom line

Good video content only reveals its true strengths when it can be easily found and users can quickly access its key messages. The longer and more detailed the video content is, as is usually the case with conference presentations, webinar recordings or tutorials, the more important it is to provide users with the appropriate orientation. Tools like GoEssential help organizations reduce the effort for users to find the essence, while at the same time improving search engine optimization and increasing the time spent on their own website.