Interview with Dr. Emilia Roig: How diverse is the marketing industry in reality?

From Women’s Day to Black History Month and Pride Week, marketing is currently caught up in celebrating diversity. Brands like to present themselves as liberal and modern, but when you dig below the social media posts emblazoned with rainbow flags, what is life really like in the marketing industry? We talked to Emilia Roig to find out. Recently voted “Most Influential Woman of the Year” for the Impact of Diversity Prize 2022, she shared her views on challenging and sensitive topics such as discrimination, equality, and diversity.

In this interview, Emilia Roig talks about how diverse and liberal the marketing industry really is.

Dr. Emilia Roig talks about diversity, equality, and quotas as a potential game-changer

How diverse is the marketing industry in reality?


But the industry likes to present itself as particularly diverse. How can the two extremes exist side by side?


We keep hearing about quotas as a way of breaking down traditional structures and hierarchies. What’s the verdict on quotas?


How can we create the space that’s needed to actually achieve genuine diversity?


Why is the issue of diversity so important to companies?


One argument against quotas is that they discriminate against men. Is that true?


From Black History Month to Pride Week and Women’s Day, diversity is celebrated on social media channels. What’s the take-away from these kinds of posts?


Why is overcoming discrimination a win-win situation?