DMEXCO 2021 – you won’t want to miss these highlights!

One more night until the big day: tomorrow (September 7) we’ll be welcoming you to DMEXCO @home 2021! Read on, because we’ve rounded up some event highlights for you to look forward to.

These event highlights await you at DMEXCO @home 2021.
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Inspiration and innovation from all corners of the world – at DMEXCO @home

The Cologne-based DMEXCO is one of the biggest digital events in the world and brings together all the key decision-makers from digital business, marketing, and innovation. Do you want to be right there when benchmarks are set for the digital future? Dive into the world of DMEXCO @home and be inspired!

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In this year’s masterclasses, live conferences, fireside chats, and many other formats, international top speakers will be sharing exclusive business insights with you and discussing topics that move them and drive them forward. Here are some highlights:

Highlights of DMEXCO 2021 on day 1

#1 How to successfully use privacy-preserving technologies – with Google

Privacy and data protection are now more important than ever – and that definitely goes for the advertising industry. But how can privacy-preserving technologies be implemented effectively? And what other aspects do advertisers need to consider if they want to position their company for a privacy-friendly future? Jen Fitzpatrick, SVP of Google, Bernd Fauser, Managing Director of Google Ad Platforms, Central Europe, and Dr. Christian Essling, Chief Data Officer, E.ON Germany, reveal all.

#2 DMEXCO agency summit – Setting New Priorities!

The coronavirus pandemic has been a serious setback for many. Old concepts were suddenly no longer viable, and new ideas and a shift in focus were needed. From one day to the next, the digital realm took on a whole new level of importance. It’s already quite clear that there won’t really be a return to the priorities of 2019 in a post-Covid world. However, we still have to figure out how we want to shape our lives and work in the future. The first-ever DMEXCO agency summit will see seven leading personalities from the communications industry come together to discuss the current changes and what new priorities need to be set.

#3 Maria von Scheel-Plessen from Montblanc discusses digital transformation in the luxury industry

Businesses wanting to make their brand future-proof on the market can no longer afford not to take the next steps in the digital transformation – something that many companies see as a huge challenge. In her presentation, Maria von Scheel-Plessen, Global Head of Media & Advertising at Montblanc, will be uncovering how to reconcile tradition and progressivity in the luxury industry.

#4 Why lasting customer relationships require Adtech and Martech to come together – Ariel Kelman from Oracle

Building strong, long-term customer relationships is a difficult art to master. Ariel Kelman, CMO of Oracle, will be delivering a keynote about how integrated Adtech and Martech stacks help serve customers best at any given moment, and why these technologies matter right now more than ever.

#5 Waiting on 5G – Wolfgang Metze, Tina Lakhani, and Robin Sho Moser address the technology’s biggest challenges

5G is the basis for the next industrial revolution – many industry experts agree on this. But how long will it take for the technology to become the new standard? And what hurdles are (still) getting in the way of its rapid spread? In the panel on “HIGH SPEED COMING SLOWLY: WHERE IS THE 5G REVOLUTION?”, Wolfgang Metze (CCO of Telefónica Deutschland Holding AG), Tina Lakhani (Head of Ad Tech at IAB UK), and Robin Sho Moser (CEO of eyecandylab) endeavor to answer precisely those questions with moderator Nikolaus Röttger.

#6 Is friendly interaction online a thing of the past? In search of more netiquette

The discussion culture on the web is far different from what we know from face-to-face interaction. Not only are many people more direct in the digital world, but hate, agitation, and exclusion also reign in the discussions. Nicole Diekmann (ZDF correspondent), Chris Denson (creator of Innovation Crush), Natalie Gruis (Chief Strategy Officer at TBWA\Neboko), and Danielle Kayembe (Female Quotient) discuss where this phenomenon comes from and what brands can do to promote friendly interaction on the net.

Highlights of DMEXCO 2021 on day 2

#1 How to use data effectively – Vanessa Stützle, Florian Jacquier, Anna Bager, Richy Ugwu, Katharina Schüller, & Sarah Taylor

These days, we leave behind personal data everywhere we go, and in a quantity and quality like never before. We divulge information all the time, wherever we are – whether it’s a like, a quickly typed comment on social media, or during a workout with our smartwatch on our wrist. By joining the panel on “Data is everywhere – Just use it”, you’ll learn how brands can make the most of this fact.

#2 Ready for the future? Michelle Klein from Facebook and Raja Rajamannar from Mastercard explore the meaning of marketing today

Marketing is always keeping up with the times and is in a constant state of disruption with new innovative technologies emerging all the time. In their fireside chat “How to Future-Ready the Role of Marketing in a Transformed World”, Michelle Klein and Raja Rajamannar reflect on the role of marketing today – and the headwinds that are approaching.

#3 Christopher Obereder, CMO of CoinStats: Will the crypto boom soon be over?

The topic of cryptocurrency has increasingly gained ground in the past few years. But how long will the hype last? Christopher Obereder, CMO of CoinStats, provides insights into the odds and risks.

#4 Keyword Search 2.0 – Howard Lerman, CEO of Yext

In the last 25 years, countless technologies have undergone dramatic changes – with one exception: keyword search. Howard Lerman, CEO of Yext, explains why in his keynote.

#5 Rana el Kaliouby (Deputy CEO of Smart Eye) on the topic of diversity & AI

Artificial intelligence offers enormous potential in many areas. But can AI also promote diversity? In her presentation, Rana el Kaliouby looks at the opportunities and possibilities.

Now, all that’s left to do is open your calendar and fill it with your personal highlights of DMEXCO @home 2021. We hope you gain valuable insights and have an unparalleled (virtual) expo experience!