DMEXCO guide: the SEO trends of 2023 from Claneo

Google and the power of algorithms – we shed some light on the topic. Our guide “SEO & content: What will (still) be important in 2023?” from the SEO experts at Claneo tells you everything you need to know about search engine optimization.

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Guide: SEO trends of 2023 – content quality

“Content is king” is one of the most essential SEO wisdoms. That won’t change in 2023. But what does it mean exactly? How should you prepare your content? And what exactly is high-quality content?

In our guide on the SEO trends of 2023, the experts from the search and content marketing agency Claneo explain what Google regards as high-quality content and how you can make sure your website ranks on the very first results page or even right at the top of it. We also take a look at the “helpful content update” and how to leverage the E-E-A-T factor.

How Google is reacting to artificial intelligence and machine learning

The topic of artificial intelligence truly made its mark in 2022. While it’s long been speculated about, chatbots are now actually capable of creating content. AI-supported image programs are also producing real works of art, and cloud-based data platforms are delivering precise, custom analyses.

What does this advancement in technology mean for content production in 2023? And how will Google adapt to it? Will content creators be replaced by bots in the future? Or will metadata and alt texts at least be filled in by (artificially) intelligent assistants?

That’s all merely a small taste of what awaits you in our guide on the SEO trends of 2023. You’ll also learn how good storytelling, social media, videos, and images can boost the visibility of your website.

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