Brands on the Internet – the best seminars, worklabs and demos

Recommendations for CMOs, marketing managers and brand managers

Brands on the Internet - the best seminars, worklabs and demos
Worklab @DMEXCO 2019

Consumers are often one step ahead of brands on the web. New technologies are often adapted faster and brands have to try to keep up. Consumers are seeking new ways of conducting everything from their product searches to their purchase decisions and these still vary from generation to generation. If brands want to secure their position on the digital channels of the future, they are well advised to recognize trends and developments at an early stage and use them to their advantage.

The conference program of DMEXCO 2019 on 11 and 12 September in Cologne offers a range of high-quality seminars, presentations and worklabs. Here are some handpicked recommendations for CMOs, marketing managers and brand managers, who want to find out about the developments relevant to them.

Power to Partnerships: How a Mature Partnership Program will Transform Your Business

Consumer behavior on mobile and social media presents Marketeers with a completely new set of challenges. The key question here is: How can meaningful and networked brand experiences be created without revealing one’s own marketing budget? This seminar is perfect for those who would like to know how partnerships can be used in such a way that they fit one’s own brand and address connected and fastidious consumers in an authentic way.

How to Lead Best-in-Class Experimentation Programs

The fastest growing companies of the digital economy have excelled primarily through innovation as well as trial and error. Optimizely‘s Head of Strategy Hazjier Pourkhalkhali has spent four years investigating what really works and leads to success. He provides exclusive insight into his scientific collaboration with lecturers at Harvard Business School and Stanford Graduate School of Business. The seminar is aimed at executives, product managers and experimenters who want to understand how leading companies structure their experimentation and thus create a basis for long-term innovation.

SPIEGEL NextGen – new development of a brand is not only one of the most popular news portals in Germany, but was also one of the first of its kind almost 25 years ago. With its relaunch next year, is reinventing itself on the occasion of its anniversary. The process behind this, SPIEGEL NextGen, comprises design and UX, technical infrastructure and journalistic formats. The seminar offers exciting insight into the entire process and the biggest challenges along the way to the new platform.

14 Charts that Show Innovative Brands How to Engage Gen Z

Once we have become accustomed to the search for meaning of Generation Y (pronounced: Why), the next target group (Generation Z) presents its own set of challenges. It is perhaps the largest and most influential since the millennials of over a decade ago. Their purchasing power is already estimated at around 44 billion dollars. In this seminar, Attest Research will present results on how marketeers can win this market.

Yext + dm: digital goes local! Changed search behavior and opportunities for retailers

“Siri, where is there a drugstore near me?” The way consumers are looking for products and services has fundamentally changed. And of course, consumers are not only looking for information about brands, but also about brick-and-mortar retail outlets. What do marketing managers need to know today in order to lead people into the these outlets tomorrow? Yext and dm illuminate this issue and show how one can prepare oneself with verified answers to the (search) questions important for potential buyers.

Exmarketplace explains how publishers can have a “user-first” approach to enhance UX and performance

Artificial Intelligence, Google AdSense, Google AdManager, Google AdExchange, Header Bidding, Google Analytics and much more – how can publishers efficiently combine all these products without losing their uniqueness? With the right insights, guidelines and tools, publishers should gain a change of perspective in this seminar. How do they manage to increase the loyalty of their users and thus ultimately increase their efficiency and monetize their services even better? The experts at Exmarketplace provide answers to these questions.

Perfect Answers Everywhere. Do you have control over your brand?

Why is it so important for companies to have authority over their brand information on the Internet? Consumers phrase their search queries in a way that gives them clear answers to companies, products, employees, locations and services. However, in times of misinformation, brand reputations are threatened by what consumers actually find online. So if customers search for opening hours on Google Maps, enter their destination into Uber, or ask Alexa “When will the dm store near me open tomorrow?”, they will receive the correct information from the source – your company.

Blockchain: What is it all about?

Take a look behind the hype and find out what added value technology can have for your brand. We will show you live how, with the help of Oracle Blockchain, Cano Shoes and Retraced revolutionize the fashion industry.

LinkedIn Rock your Profile – Get Ready to Rock!

Innovations are driven by people who bring their ideas to companies and organizations. This makes it all the more important to get in touch with these people and to stay in touch. Anyone wishing to participate in the discourse on innovations should attach importance to being perceived as a relevant contact in professional environments. LinkedIn is one of the most important international environments in which people position themselves and their companies with their professional biographies. Find out how to stay up to date with LinkedIn’s topics of interest in three easy steps.

Yext – The central platform for correct answers, reputation management and online visibility

The cosmos of web search has changed tremendously. Whereas ten natural hits used to provide the answers, search queries today often lead to chaotic, seemingly contradictory results. How can companies and brands ensure that consumers actually get the right answers to their questions? Yext demonstrates how a single platform can increase online findability, reputation and ultimately revenue.

Yext Reviews – reputation equals turnover

If you want to go one step further, Yext’s interactive WorkLab will provide you the opportunity to build a reputation strategy and easily answer and analyze company and product reviews. It is a fact that what consumers find online today can increasingly cause distress to the reputation of brands and companies. And reputation equals turnover! This is because companies achieve a 153 percent higher click rate on their site pages in search results through ratings. This is reason enough to define your own reputation strategy.

Sonic DNA: Acoustic Brand Management in the Age of Smart Assistants and AI

Music, sound and voice have always been powerful marketing tools. Many people associate certain tone sequences, narrators or pieces of music with brands and some of these bits of audio have already been around for decades. Now acoustic touchpoints are finally conquering the web. Consumers can now “hear” and talk to brands via smart assistants and podcasts. The session will present technologies and processes that help develop, implement and measure comprehensive acoustic strategies for brands in the age of audio and voice.

Further seminars, worklabs and demo arena presentations can be found in the conference guide. With the DMEXCO App you can mark your personal favourites and plan them into your calendar.