AI in marketing – the revolution is in full swing

In 2023, artificial intelligence took the whole world by storm and has been impressing us ever since with its fascinating applications. AI is making waves – especially in the marketing industry. Read here how the revolution will continue to unfold!

AI has found its way into marketing, with humans and machines now working together.
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Advantages of artificial intelligence in marketing

AI-based technologies enable companies to make their marketing strategies more efficient, more precise, and more personalized. That’s because one of the major strengths of AI is that it improves data evaluation. Artificial intelligence analyzes large amounts of data in real time, identifying patterns and trends that are key to your marketing. As a result, you gain a better understanding of your target groups and can develop more tailored marketing campaigns.

AI tools are setting the new benchmark

There’s no doubt about it: AI tools are changing the marketing world. They offer valuable new features and save a huge amount of time. Going forward, no business can afford to ignore artificial intelligence. The time is now to learn how to optimally leverage the top AI tools on the market and integrate them into your day-to-day work efficiently and for the long term.

Three categories of AI tools in marketing

Artificial intelligence can be implemented at every stage of a marketing campaign. Above all, it improves your performance in three areas:

  1. Market analysis and identification of potential customers
  2. Personalized communication and better-performing ads
  3. Management of existing customers

Especially when it comes to personalization, AI is setting new standards. For example, we’re seeing a new trend emerge: hyper-personalization. Our whitepaper “AI in marketing – tools and skills for the digital revolution” presents specific apps that can support you in the aforementioned areas and increase your chances of success in this competitive market.