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AI is 2019’s biggest trend, but Content Marketing is the day-to-day business

DMEXCO Survey 1-2019: There are many trends in digital marketing - and new ones are constantly being proclaimed. But which developments shape the daily business of marketers? The current DMEXCO trend survey shows that there are great discrepancies between the fundamental importance of a topic and its actual operational significance.
June 24, 2019

Artificial Intelligence, Programmatic Advertising, Voice or Influencer and Content Marketing? There is a long list of currently discussed trends and topics in marketing. Furthermore innovations and new developments are constantly moving into the focus of the digital and marketing industry. But what does the actual implementation look like? With regard to a marketer’s day-to-day business perceived importance of a trend and it’s practical implementation in daily business do quite differ. This is the conclusion of the current DMEXCO trend survey conducted with 854 national and 270 international participants from the DMEXCO community.


When asked about the fundamental significance of trends, marketers agree: 76 percent of German respondents consider Artificial Intelligence as the most important trend, followed closely by Personalization (75 percent) and Customer Experience design (71 percent). A similar pattern can be seen internationally: Although Personalization is considered as the most important trend (65 percent), Artificial Intelligence (64 percent) and Customer Experience (57 percent) also rank among the top denominations.


Daily business: Content Marketing tops national German ranking, Programmatic Advertising leads the international list


When asked about the significance of a trend for the operative work, however, the picture changes: At national level Content Marketing is currently of highest importance (71 percent), followed by Personalization (69 percent) and Customer Experience (62 percent). The use of Artificial Intelligence, on the other hand, does not play a major role in day-to-day business yet. The respondents assign minor importance to Mixed Reality, in theory – both in theory and practical application. Only 19 percent of the respondents consider this trend as relevant for their operative implementation.


Internationally, the picture is slightly different: Personalization is not only the most significant trend, but currently also heads the list for operative work (64 percent), followed by Marketing Automation (56 percent) and Programmatic Advertising (56 percent). Mixed Reality also brings up the rear of the international list. Only 22 percent of those questioned consider this technology as personally important.


Dr. Dominik Matyka, Chief Advisor DMEXCO, sums up: “Our current survey shows that work is still to be done in everyday marketing. With Personalization and Customer Experience Design our industry mainly works towards a positive customer experience. We know from our own experience that content marketing is an important component of the marketing mix. The most important trend for the years to come (on which the DMEXCO community agrees) is the use of artificial intelligence. But since the opportunities offered by technologies are best made visible by application examples, we want to show more case studies, best cases and implementation scenarios at DMEXCO”.


Christoph Menke, Director Sales & Operations DMEXCO adds: “At this year’s DMEXCO, visitors can experience the most innovative technologies live in the newly designed Future Park. Whether Mixed Reality, Voice or Artificial Intelligence – visitors can experience tomorrow’s products, services and technologies vividly in the Future Park of DMEXCO and find impulses for the integration of new marketing techniques in their mix of measures”.


About the survey:

The first DMEXCO trend survey was conducted online by DMEXCO in May 2019. Answers from 854 national and 270 international participants from the DMEXCO community were evaluated. The DMEXCO community consists of visitors, exhibitors, speakers and journalists.



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