Digital Fashion

The exclusive event for the digitalization of the fashion industry.

Experience the digitalization of the fashion industry up close! As part of DMEXCO, we are presenting “Digital Fashion – The Phygital Network” in cooperation with the Deutsches Mode-Institut. The focus is on e-commerce, personalization, customer experience, digital marketing, sustainability and transparency and their influence on the fashion industry.

In this context, the focus is not only on digital fashion in virtual worlds, but in particular on the rapidly growing market for digital solutions with regard to the design and production of physical clothing. In this respect, the fashion industry is facing significant challenges due to changes in supply chains, new sales channels (D2C and social commerce), and consumers’ higher expectations in terms of the environmental and social sustainability of products. These challenges can only be successfully overcome by taking digitalization to the next level.

You can expect presentations with company and partner booths, a networking space and the DMEXCO Digital Fashion Summit on the Tech Stage with cutting-edge insights from the industry, among others.