Link Management: A checklist shows how it works

Links are used almost everywhere in the digital environment. But real management for this is still rare.

Link Management: A checklist shows how it works

Many companies use internal and external links to promote the visibility of their own homepage and to occupy one of the best positions in search engines. Big players like Google have been using backlinks for some time as one of the main sources for evaluating the quality of website content. Links are also used in social media, newsletters, customer support or internal communication.

Links continue to become increasingly relevant. As a result, the number of links is increasing – while clarity is decreasing.

To ensure consistency and control in the processes, organized link management is recommended. For companies of all sizes. It supports internal and external collaboration, enabling analysis and tracking, consistency and immediate troubleshooting. Organization and decision-making authority from and via a company’s own links strengthen the brand and the company’s image to the outside world.

DMEXCO exhibitor Rebrandly has summarized the basics and possibilities in a helpful overview. The “Link Management Checklist” is available as a free download:

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