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How podcasts and voice assistants are changing marketing

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Smart speakers are taking over private households and offices, podcasts are inspiring generation Z and sound logos have become an important branding tool. Audio and voice are among the top topics in digital marketing. They are also serving to change conventional marketing tasks. Search engine optimization, for example, must also be adapted to searches using Alexa, Siri, etc. Likewise, marketers need to think about new advertising formats that can be integrated into podcasts and other audio formats. And how will voice interfaces affect conversational marketing and the emerging chatbots?

Our "Voice and Audio" e-book offers you not only a series of exciting stories on the topic, but also podcast episodes and video recordings of DMEXCO 2019.

This is what’s included:



  • From sound logo to sound branding: What does a brand sound like? Voice-based assistants are making marketing strategists think about this more and more

  • Alexa, what is the future of voice assistants? All the big names in the industry are seeking to take the top spot in the market that could also fundamentally change marketing.

  • Google Assistant the fast lane: The Alexa competitor is now available on one billion devices and increasingly versatile. Here is a look at what is possible now and what the future holds

  • Voice SEO: How voice assistants are changing marketing: Alexa, Siri & Co. hardly leave any room for advertising messages. Here are tips on how this can work anyway

  • Voice search SEO. When a result is all that counts: Parallel to the rise of language assistants, voice search is becoming increasingly important, and this includes SEO.

  • The hope of conducting retail transactions via voice assistant: You can find Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant in more and more living rooms. However, Germans still rarely use the smart speakers for shopping.

  • Podcasts: audio for the content marketing mix: Podcasts were long considered to be a niche format. It turns out they were just ahead of their time.




  • Karen Kaushansky speaks about conversational marketing and voice interfaces: Karen Kaushansky explains conversational marketing and shows brands a way into the future of voice.




  • Surround Sound – Reaching the Next Generation in the Age of Streaming Audio


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