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E-Book “E-Commerce”: Trends, Topics and Developments


According to current figures, the annual turnover in e-commerce in Europe is over 344 million euro. Forecasts predict this will continue to increase. This shows that the market is flourishing. This makes it all the more important to make the right strategic decisions. Our e-commerce e-book is intended to help you to achieve this.

The entire e-commerce market is constantly changing and seems to be moving faster and faster. The market is highly dependent on user behavior and the ever-increasing demands of customers. At the same time, the industry is changing automatically as new technologies evolve and new opportunities emerge. But which are the right ones and when is it worthwhile to use them?

Voice search, delivery drones, conversational or social commerce—who needs what?

Smart speakers, for example, could soon radically change both the buying and searching behavior of Google and Co. Autonomous delivery robots could redesign the entire delivery process, new pricing methods could revolutionize the payment process. These are just a few of many trends that are foreseeable but difficult to predict.

We have developed an e-book for you so that you can be prepared for such trends and developments at an early stage and gain awareness of all the new possibilities for your online shop. Here you will find more than 30 exciting stories about conversational, mobile and social commerce as well as entering foreign markets, payment and logistics, and legal challenges in e-commerce. In addition, our e-book contains a number of links to free checklists, white papers, infographics and other e-books.

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