How ZEN and digitality belong together

Podcast Episode 14
Podcast Episode 14
Hinnerk Sybu Polenski ist Zen-Meister und Abt des europäischen Dashin Zen Ordens und des Zen-Klosters Buchenberg im Allgäu.

Where is networking taking us as a society?

Do you also sometimes wonder what technology is doing to us humans? In this podcast episode, Hinnerk Sybu Polenski, a Zen master from the monastery in Buchenberg im Allgäu, explains how Zen and digitality belong together. In doing so, he applies his perspectives drawn from Zen doctrine to progress and the digital transformation of society. He addresses the implications of networking digital with analogue capabilities. A focal question: What are social media such as Instagram doing to us?

Alex Wunschel, dmexco Podcaster
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