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Digitalization has not only changed the way each individual works. And this is precisely why we need to revise and even entirely rethink the way we work together in companies, teams and beyond. Our e-book classifies what is really important and provides practical tips for implementation.

Work independent of time and place, nomadic lifestyles, new work, digital collaboration and agile project management are all phenomena of the digital age. Teams and individual employees as well as service providers are working from around the globe. How can work processes be organized? Which tools can help in this regard? How can we provide employees, colleagues or service providers the freedom they need to deliver outstanding results?

This is what’s included:

  • Organization of marketing projects
  • Digitalization of marketing processes
  • New Work: Self-determined action in agency teams
  • The basics of good teamwork
  • Agile methods for better results
  • The best collaboration tools for marketing
  • Rules for decentralized teams
  • How innovation labs in companies work
  • How companies can successfully collaborate with agencies

In our e-book we describe the trends and challenges that are shaping our working environment and thus our teamwork. We help you classify new, flexible and digitally supported forms of work, and keep your team together in a digital working environment. In addition to this, we provide practical examples of the agency world and expert tips for reorganizing your marketing processes. The e-book is rounded off with a collection of suitable tools and tips that enable targeted work within the company and in cooperation with agencies and service providers.

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