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Dave King on project management and collaboration tools in marketing

Podcast Episode 35
Podcast Episode 35

As a project management tool, Asana is designed to help teams organize and manage projects and manage increasingly complex marketing campaigns.

The following topics are discussed with our host, Alex Wunschel:

  • The building blocks of an optimized corporate structure as a foundation for efficient project management
  • The strategic and organizational challenges of project management that teams face during marketing campaigns
  • The role of product management tools in the marketing process and the role they play in teamwork

"All fast moving teams need the three C's of collaboration. They need content. They need communications tools. And then they need coordination.The key thing is that you have a system for each of those three and that the platforms all work together."

Dave King

If you would like to learn more about collaboration tools in marketing, take a look at our free toolkit. We have summarized the most important information on various tools for you there, so you can find out which one suits your company best.

In addition to this, we have summarized 10 tips for working in decentralized teams for you. Learn how to get the most out of your projects using simple methods.

Alex Wunschel
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