See drones – and chocolate bars – fly!

Drones delivering chocolate bars? You only get that at dmexco.
Nestlé, Aibotix and Fraunhofer Institut are presenting new drone technology.

Fraunhofer IML and Aibotix will present three groundbreaking technologies that combine three core topics: autonomous robots, the Internet of Things (IoT), and last mile delivery. The cooperation of a research institute with industry ensures that the result isn’t just empty words and vague promises. InventAIRy accelerates and automates inventory and logistics processes and also achieves a whole new level of data transparency along the supply chain. Thanks to its patented mechanism, DelivAIRy makes automated process recording and drone transport possible. Bin:Go is a component of the future interplay between humans and machines in production, in urban spaces, and at the point of sale.

Virtual Reality: The Green Screen Experience

At the Innoactive® booth in Hall 9, visitors will receive the unique opportunity to experience everything today’s VR and AR technology has to offer. From a live mixed reality demo and an immersive shopping experience with the HTC Vive to 3D holograms generated by the Microsoft HoloLens and mobile VR with TV Mirror technology, our guests will not miss out.

Our partner Innoactive®:
At Innoactive® we strive to create game-changing applications that help our customers to immersively sell and market their products with virtual and augmented reality. Working with today’s most advanced technology, such as the HTC Vive and the Microsoft HoloLens, gives us the opportunity to push the envelope of what’s possible with today’s technology.

Our partner Dojo Filmhouse:
Dojo Filmhouse GmbH is a film and TV production firm based in Munich.
Since 2011, its dedicated team of film experts has worked with enthusiasm to provide outstanding professional support for a broad range of renowned agencies and brands and creatively implement innovative and challenging projects.

Drones meet Virtual Reality!

Our partner spiceVR:
The Hamburg-based Spice VR company is a pioneer in the field of 360° films. By means of special technology and with the help of VR glasses, it generates immersive moving images that put the viewer right in the midst of the action. The film becomes virtual reality. Spice VR has developed its own unique 360° VR film drone called “Spherie,” which it presented at the South by Southwest film festival in Austin, Texas, in March 2016. The special feature of Spherie is that it generates immersive 360° films without filming itself. With Spherie, filmmakers can make tracking shots and use settings in VR that were never possible in the past. This is the point where Spice VR leaves its competitors far behind.


Wednesday, September 14, 2016 

 11:30 spiceVR
 13:30 spiceVR
 14:30 DoJo Filmhouse / Innoactive
 15:30 spiceVR
 16:30 DoJo Filmhouse / Innoactive

Thursday, September 15, 2016 

 10:00 DoJo Filmhouse / Innoactive
 10:30 spiceVR
 12:00 DoJo Filmhouse / Innoactive
 12:30 spiceVR
 14:00 DoJo Filmhouse / Innoactive
 14:30 spiceVR
 16:00 DoJo Filmhouse / Innoactive