It’s not a Trend – it’s a Movement!

For years now, the digital transformation has been a top priority of the global economy — with varying degrees of success and diverse effects on individual markets, industries, companies, and consumers. As a result, it will stay at the top of the global economy’s list of its most important tasks.

The digital transformation is not a completed project with a clearly defined beginning and end.

We are in the middle of an ongoing process that is accompanying the highly dynamic, continuous, and lasting changes in our economy. For quite a while now, all of us in the digital world have no longer been focusing on separate intermediate goals, but instead on the constant ability to transform ourselves on every level — strategically, technically, and operationally.

Standing at the center of the digital transformation is transformation of marketing, brands as well as companies

Only those who are in control of this continuous process of change, which ranges from communication to the product, will make their business models fit for the future. Various developments are bringing about fundamental changes in the world of marketing and brands — whether it’s the Internet of Things, the rapid increase of automation and the introduction of artificial intelligence in daily life, the democratization of experience through virtual reality, or the spread of voice control. Formerly effective strategies no longer work, and familiar boundaries are blurring. Moreover, simply depending on the right channels is no longer enough. Instead, we need to integrate “digital” into our own DNA. We need courage, flexibility, and a readiness to constantly learn and experiment. We have to reinvent creativity, learn to understand data, and invest in technologies.

And as we deal with all of these rapid changes, we should not forget one thing:

The focus of all our activities is still on the human being as a consumer.

And this focus is the right approach and a good thing, in spite of — or because of — our attachment to technology and our enthusiasm about it.
Together with leading individuals from the fields of marketing, communication, and technology in the most important markets, we are illuminating and simplifying the entire transformation process.

Under the motto “Lightening the Age of Transformation” the dmexco Conference 2017 will present the most impressive pioneering thinkers, the most popular influencers, and the most successful movers and shakers of the global digital economy, so that we can learn from their strategies, successes, and experiences.

Let’s be the top of this movement!