My Self, My Avatar, My Identity:
Is the metaverse more or less inclusive than the physical world? This is the topic of fireside chat between the Leanne Elliott Young, CEO, Institute Of Digital Fashion and web3-pioneer Morten Grubak, Executive Creative Director at VICE / VIRTUE.
Meaningful Innovation for new Hybrid Realities and a Web3 Metaverse
As the metaverse expands, it is important to not lose yourself in the hype and move into this new frontier with purpose. Elena Corchero is leading Dow Jones Live’s hybrid, metaverse and Web3 strategies and will share the latest experiences they are developing for events, education and user engagement.
Rethinking the digital future to enhance the ads-supported Web
The future of the web as we know it depends on upholding user privacy and enabling safe advertising. In this keynote Matt Brittin, President of Google EMEA, covers why privacy is more important than ever in times of uncertainty; what advertisers can do; and how Google is partnering with the industry to support this shift.
Viva la Video – Why television’s best days are still ahead
We are streaming, posting, scrolling, watching. Video consumption is at an all-time high – and the best is yet to come! Matthias Dang, Co-CEO of RTL Germany, dares to look beyond the bubble and explains why times are rosy for creatives, what opportunities are available to a modern media company and why, in particular, television’s best days are still ahead.