Why lasting customer relationships require Adtech and Martech to come together
In a business environment that is constantly changing, marketing leaders must be able to adapt their strategies quickly to build and nurture lasting customer relationships. Join Ariel Kelman, CMO of Oracle, to learn about why integrated Adtech and Martech stacks matter more than ever, and how to successfully bridge the gap from the unknown to fully understanding your customers to serve them best at any given moment.
The Positive Disruptor Series from Claire Valoti: DMEXCO edition with Marc Berg from FREE NOW
If you want to understand the future, you need to understand the brands that are shaping it. In an insightful series exploring ‘positive disruption’, Snap’s VP of EMEA Claire Valoti speaks to the founders and leaders shaking-up their industries for the better. In this special DMEXCO episode she speaks to Marc Berg, CEO of FREE NOW, about his professional journey and how a German ride-hailing start-up evolved into an extraordinary mobility revolution.
The Future of Marketing – a Fireside Chat with Ann Lewnes
Today’s most successful digital-first companies are authentic, transparent, and intent on doing good for their customers and communities. Focused on innovation with their people, processes, and technology, they never lose sight of their mission and purpose. It’s these companies, driven by modern marketers, that will thrive most in the future. – Agility has always been the hallmark of successful brands, but now it has become the top priority for all marketers.
Highlights DMEXCO 2021