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Roger Solé, CMO at WeWork: What will work look like in the future?

Podcast Episode 71
Podcast Episode 71

WeWork was founded in New York in 2010 and the coworking startup already has an eventful history under its belt. The company now offers members flexible workspaces at more than 800 locations around the world, with 22 office complexes in Germany in Berlin, Cologne, Frankfurt, Hamburg, and Munich.

Roger Solé, CMO, WeWork, NY, DMEXCO Podcast.
Roger Solé, Chief of Marketing at WeWork, in conversation with our host Alex Wunschel.

Roger Solé is CMO at WeWork. His first day at work for the company was in April 2020, so he definitely had a challenging start. At that time, the move to shift workplaces from office to home had started, with teamwork suddenly moving online and into video conferences. Small businesses and large companies were trying to figure out how things would develop in the future.

At WeWork, this is when we held the first intensive discussions about the future of work: about developing collaboration hubs and hybrid workplaces, as well as about the opportunities offered by smart flexibility. And suddenly we found ourselves right in the middle of this vision for the future when our office in New York also ceased to be the central point of contact for all staff.

"The new model that's coming is a model where let's call it the hybrid model where hybrid in many ways, but where companies are going to be more decentralized. So not so much like the corporate headquarters. So that means that companies are going to still have their own dedicated space, but it's not going to be like the big monolithic building. It's going to be with a lot of cubicles."

Roger Solé, CMO, WeWork

If you want to find out which workplace models will become increasingly common in the future and what this transformation process will mean for the business world and for your business, then listen to our podcast.

Alex Wunschel talks to Roger Solé about the last 15 months. Solé explains how this period has affected him – and how it has impacted the WeWork business model as a provider of flexible coworking spaces within the company. Other interesting topics and questions that host Alex Wunschel will discuss with his guest in this episode include:

  • What was Roger Solé’s first week at work like?
  • How does WeWork adapt its marketing to the new requirements and trends?
  • What are the different innovative opportunities and traditional marketing strategies; e.g. on proprietary research, masterclass trainings, hybrid event formats, global video campaigns and digital advertising?
  • How has the pandemic prompted companies to rethink their real estate strategy and the office concept?
  • How is WeWork responding to these changing requirements and trends?
  • How does WeWork see the future of work?
  • How is WeWork digitalizing its products?“… because this back-to-work is really starting right now.” (Roger Solé)

Happy listening!

Alex Wunschel
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