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Looking back at DMEXCO 2022 in our podcast – and on video!

Podcast Episode 85
Podcast Episode 85
Our podcast guests discuss DMEXCO 2022
Image: © DMEXCO

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Given the extensive and diverse range of exhibitors, presentations, talks, and much more, there was so much going on at the expo that some visitors found it impossible to keep track of the full conference program for DMEXCO 2022. Others had to make difficult decisions about what to attend and when. If you missed a session or simply want to rewatch it because you enjoyed it so much, don’t worry: you can now watch the recordings of the most important events in our video-on-demand portal, completely free of charge! Log in right here.

#weprogresstogether – and that’s just what we did!

From the metaverse, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and cryptocurrencies through to blockchain, numerous speakers shared insights into current trends in the digital industry under the motto #weprogresstogether. Dr. Dominik Matyka, Chief Advisor of DMEXCO, is very forthright on the subject in the podcast:

“I think that DMEXCO was a huge success. The exhibitors I spoke to were delighted. Visitors were happy. And the sessions were absolutely packed. I am overwhelmed by both the response and the feedback from within the industry,” says Dr. Matyka.

Other podcast guests shared his enthusiasm about DMEXCO 2022, including Jolanta Baboulidis, Country Director of Twitter, who affirmed:

“It was wonderful to be able to see everyone in person again, after a three-year hiatus. What was really special, however, was to be able to interact with each other face-to-face and meet up with old friends. And I mean friends, although they are technically business partners. And I also thought that DMEXCO was excellent this year; internationally, it was very exciting to see great masterclasses and great speakers on the stage. I was hugely inspired. I guess it’s very clear that I haven’t come back down to earth yet.”

Listen to all the statements about DMEXCO 2022 right now!

Make yourself comfortable and download the full podcast episode. Find out all the details of what impressed the guests at DMEXCO 2022 – including Torsten Ahlers, Tim Walther, and Diego Borgo. Dr. Matyka also gives an intriguing view of the future of the digital industry and of DMEXCO. Definitely a must-hear!

Note: This podcast is partially only in German.

Alex Wunschel
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