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DMEXCO podcast: artificial intelligence & morality – are the two compatible?

Podcast Episode 88
Podcast Episode 88
In the DMEXCO podcast, Professor Toby Walsh explains how artificial intelligence and intelligent machines think.
In our latest podcast, we wanted to know whether artificial intelligence also has morals.

His keynote explored the limits of artificial intelligence. Although philosophical issues are at the core of the debate, these are also highly relevant to the marketing industry. What happens when a self-driving car causes an accident? Is Alexa racist? And should robots have rights?

Professor of Artificial Intelligence at the University of South Wales

Professor Toby Walsh teaches the fascinating subject of artificial intelligence at the University of South Wales in Australia. He has released a total of three books and is celebrated as one of the rock stars of tech research – in part because of the unconventional questions he asks in order to grasp this highly complex topic.

“Spoiler alert here: although the title is Machines Behaving Badly. Ultimately, in many of the cases it’s people or corporations who are really behaving badly. The machines are only a vehicle that’s delivering that badness.”

So, we wanted to use the DMEXCO podcast as an opportunity to investigate this further. Our podcast host Alex Wunschel mainly focuses on seemingly everyday questions, but which take on a completely new meaning in the context of artificial intelligence.

DMEXCO podcast: Professor Walsh also enlightened us on:

  • Can artificial intelligence meditate? And if so, what would happen?
  • What does he think of TikTok’s success from the perspective of an AI expert?
  • How does AI influence our decisions and values, and what are the associated risks?

So, it’s well worth tuning in to – we hope you enjoy listening!

Alex Wunschel
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