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DMEXCO podcast | A talk with NFT experts Tim Walther & Diego Borgo

Podcast Episode 83
Podcast Episode 83
In the DMEXCO podcast, Tim Walther and Diego Borgo talk about NFTs and how brands can make the most of them.
NFTs are the hottest topic in marketing right now. We welcomed two absolute experts to the DMEXCO podcast to ask them about it.


We already explored this trending topic from many angles at the DMEXCO Spring Summit in May 2022. At #DMEXCO22 in September, an entire “W3 Vision” world will be created in the halls of the Cologne exhibition center – a world that completely revolves around the metaverse, blockchain, and, you guessed it, NFTs.

But for anyone who still doesn’t quite know what Web3 is all about and what marketing potential it offers, this podcast episode will definitely fill any knowledge gaps. Diego Borgo has been working with and advising big brands for many years – most recently with a focus on helping them take their first steps into the metaverse.


Tim Walther is Volkswagen’s Web3 expert. Not only does he know what Wolfsburg’s automobile giant is planning, but he also has the competition on his radar. He can therefore provide an in-depth insight into what the different brands have in the pipeline.

The next revolution: how NFTs will change brand communication

“If you want to stick to a metaverse, the misconceptions around one, everybody’s thinking that’s just about gaming. And gaming is going to be a huge part of the metaverse, but it’s going to be just one of many.” – Diego Borgo.

The virtual market is where the future’s at. The potential is huge, and all analysts agree that it will be worth billions in the coming years. Luxury brands are the ones that can profit the most from this virtualization.


“NFTs are bringing brands and customers together on a new emotional level. Customers can become a type of shareholder of the brand.” – Tim Walther.

Here’s what we wanted to find out from NFT experts Tim Walther and Diego Borgo:

  • What are the first steps for brands wanting to enter the world of NFTs?
  • What are the typical misconceptions of NFTs and the metaverse?
  • What mistakes must brands avoid at all costs?
  • How do you convince a big brand to step into the metaverse?
  • Why is the metaverse not just a hype?

Happy listening!

Alex Wunschel
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