Emotions Women’s Day

One day, five conferences:
The EMOTION Women’s Day!

EMOTION WOMEN’S BUSINESS DAY, with the added value of continuing education and the spirit of a festival: May 6, 2019 at the Curio-Haus in Hamburg. With many opportunities for networking. Docked the most modern festival for online marketing: The ONLINE MARKETING ROCK STARS (OMR) in Hamburg.

The Conferences:

1. EMOTION – You meet women who go their own way and give you courage for yours.
2. WORKING WITH WOMEN – You will meet women who are already living in New Work and can benefit from their skills.
3. DIGITIZATION – Meet the most important women in the technology industry and find new skills to get started.
4. COACHING – Discover new abilities.
5. SLOW – Explore the topics of mindfulness and sustainability.

All five conferences are open to you, you decide what’s right for your life.